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This video changed my life · 8:44pm Nov 22nd, 2015

Do you know that feeling when you’ve been doing something the same way all your life, and then you realize that you’ve been doing it wrong all this time. I had that moment when I watched this video:

Don’t think I’m promoting SquattyPotty, though. I think it’s a load of useless crap.

The angle between torso and your legs is the only thing that matters. You can achieve that effect without wasting money on SquattyPotty. Just lean forward when you’re taking a dump and imagine you’re skiing as you defecate.

So, my followers, why don’t you tell this trusty dragon about your potty experiences. How do you poop?

Why don’t you stand up right now and go to the shitter this very moment. Try the angle position, then tell me how it went. And remember the importance of details as you write about your trial.


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This video changed your life, but this one will make your life BETTER!

Ummm, excuse my French, but...

Putain que je viens de lire?

I think it’s a load of useless crap.

It's quite useful, actually. We have two, and I've dealt with opioid-induced constipation before.

5103438 Well, yeah. But don't you achieve the exact same result by just leaning forward? It's the angle that matters.

You don't get the effect nearly enough that way. Before the steps I used to use the edge of the bathtub which was awkward. With the step you can have your feet up and also lean forward.

5103440 You can't lean more than to your legs either way. There's a hard limit to the angle.

If you lean over to where your legs are against your chest, you can end up crapping on the toilet seat.

Just trust me, it's much more comfortable to have the step there. It makes getting the right position easy and natural. Also, I get paid every time I refer somepony. :trollestia: (Okay, not really.)

5103445 I won't argue against crapping the seat. You may or may not be right there.

However, If you put up your legs, your weight isn't distributed evenly anymore. The surface on the toilet you employ is smaller which to me, does not sound more comfortable. If instead of using a piece of plastic you just lean forward, the surface doesn't change. In fact, some of your weight is transferred to your feet which takes some of the weight off your ass.

So, even though SquattyPotty may not be without its purpose, I do not think the same benefits could not be achieved without it.

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