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    You want it, I'll write it.

    Prices are currently $10 per 1k words. Contact me here or on Discord TheWraithWriter#8646

    All fetishes welcome, save for those listed below.

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The Mane Attraction · 4:50am Nov 22nd, 2015

Yes, I should be working, but I have to get this off my chest. Spoilers, obvs, so here's a break and a youtube insert.

Applejack playing guitar is cannon!

Oh my god, thank you Amy Keaton Rodgers!

Nothing can ruin th-

Goddamnit, animators, stop giving me nightmares!

Also this line: "You got hoovies from Countess Coloratura," -Rarity
It... it sounds like AJ just got a STD. Hoovies is now officially a STD. I'm sorry, but you all know it's true.


Oh my god, that fucking manager! Why didn't the writers kill him? I don't care that it's a kids show, fucker needs to get fucked.
Okay I'm done now.

And that song at the end. Chills, man, chills.

And as always, new best ship:

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Comments ( 3 )

Dem Magic hooves always crack me up. In a year or two I might be able to lampshade it. I kinda sorta headcanon string instruments and the like to originate from griffons, and brass and wind instruments to originate from ponies.

I'm Taking Sinnging lessons since nearly a Year, but I'm still far Away from Waht RaRa sung there.

Good work from the Writers and Singers.

The manager would make a good nazi.

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