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Filling some of the void · 9:05pm Nov 20th, 2015

So... It occurred to me just now that I should put up the pictures I made of the characters I introduced in Why the Streak Siblings can't have Nice Things... SO!

Recruit Squad Alpha -

*Captain Dusk Glimmer
-- Glimmer is the strategist of Alpha, and the only capable lightning manipulator in the squad. She tends to keep a level head on her shoulders, despite being the first of the Recruits not trained by Silver Lining, but some instances cause her to completely lose her cool. She's been running interference between the Streak Twins of Command Squad 3, and her squadmate Aurora since they became Recruits... It's wearing a little thin on her nerves.

*Aurora Streak
-- Aurie is a firecracker. One moment, she's calm and pleasant; the next, she's exploding in your face and chewing you out in some fairly creative and graphically described ways. She loathes her brothers for various reasons, foremost of which is that she feels like they're overbearing and overprotective of her. (This isn't exactly wrong... But Lightning was prone to telling her to stay back because 'this is for stallions/colts, not fillies", and while Fire was more diplomatic about it, if she did something anyway, he would tell their parents.) Since joining the Wonderbolts 5 years ago, coinciding with her brothers' promotion to Command Squad 3, she has refused to have anything to do with them in a familial sense, and styles her mane in such a way that their resemblance is minimized. She accepts orders from Fire if necessary, but otherwise does her best to ignore or avoid them.
She is an extremely capable fire-handler and generally loves playing with it whenever she can. She even got R&D to figure out how to give her different colored flames... All to advance the routines, of course! No ulterior motive at all!

*Flash Blitz
-- Blitz is a laid back stallion, and doesn't let much - if anything - get to him. He seems pretty okay with everything that happens, and fine with his place in the organization. He's with Aurie in fire-handling, though not nearly as passionate about it as his mare-counterpart.

*Zealous Leaf
-- Zee started off as a great guy when Alpha was first formed five years ago. He was particularly close with their promoted member, Starbolt, but since Starbolt's promotion to Squad 9, he's become more and more bitter about being stuck as a Recruit. His standoffish attitude is mostly greeted with indifference by his squadmates. He regularly deals with wind and water/clouds in their routines, and close maneuvers in flight, and he has every reason to be proud of those skills, as they're not anything to scoff at.

*Nimbus Prism
-- Nim is a very good fit with Alpha, despite joining 3 years after their formation. He and Blitz get along rather well and tend to sit to one side while Glimmer attempts to keep Zee and Aurie in line, watching with bemusement while also glad that their captain's temper is not directed at them. Nimbus joins Zee in his ability to handle water/clouds, but he had to train extensively to be able to take Starbolt's place in the squad, and fly almost back-to-back with Zee.

Recruit Squad Charlie -

*Captain Prismatic Spray
--Prisma is the dreadlocked captain of Charlie Squad, and is part zebra; as evidenced by the light orange striping on her yellow coat. Though she generally speaks like any other pony, when feeling a strong emotional response, she speaks in rhyme.

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Ah, Squad Alpha and Charlie. I do so love these ponies xD

Shiny little wonderbolts. Yum!

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