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The RP Overhaul · 10:11am Aug 13th, 2012

(Speaker: Sunnydaze)

Zomg, I'm writing an AS blog! :yay:
... *clears throat* Er, I mean, on to business :twilightsheepish:

As some of you are already aware, for some time we have been planning a complete overhaul of the RP. While as it is, it is a fun little diversion, it has gotten way too out of hand, and can be made into something so much better. So to that aim we are going to enact several major changes, as detailed below.

This may seem long, but if you are really interested in the RP then please bear with me, as there are some important points.

1. The current RP will be completely scrapped.

This means that all of the currently used show characters will be back up for grabs, to those that are quick enough. People can carry over their OC characters into the new RP, but if they or their history conflicts with any new rules or new characters, it will have to be changed. The scrapping won’t happen immediately though, so you have time to finalize any story happening in the current RP before then.

2. Three new RPs will be made in its place.

That’s right, not one, not two, but three separate RPs :pinkiehappy:
These will all have their own rules and styles, in order to appeal to different people:

~ The first RP will be the same as the current one, using a dialogue heavy format.
Dialogue spoken by your main will be written in black, while dialogue spoken by your partner will be written in an identifying colour of your choice.
Actions and events will be written in italic or within *asterisks*.
Posts made from you to other members that aren’t part of the actual RP are to be written in [ brackets ], not ( parentheses ).

~ The second RP will be turn-based, and use a descriptive style.
“Written as if it is an actual story,” Sunny proffered. He then proceed to don a fancy hat before continuing. “Using descriptions of the scenery and objects, what is happening around us, and using quotation marks for dialogue,” he said, jauntily smoking a pipe.
Partners will not require an identifying colour.
OOC posts will still be written inside of [ brackets ].

~ The third RP is still being decided, but the current idea is to make a D&D style RP.

3. New RP monitors will be hired.

Obviously, monitoring more than one RP is too much for Tricondon alone to handle, but we are even hiring more monitors for Tri’s RP. This way each RP should (hopefully) be monitored 24/7, thus preventing any issues or rule-breaking. We are looking for volunteers for this, especially active RPers! Monitoring the thread doesn’t mean that you don’t get to participate!

4. The rules will be completely rewritten and more tightly enforced.

One of the major reasons for this overhaul is that the rules just don’t get followed. I don’t blame you guys (well, not all of you) because the rules need to be made a lot clearer. We’re not suddenly going to become super harsh and ban people left and right, but the rules will be more closely upheld.

Here are the rules as they stand now, although they are open to further debate:

~ Have fun! (This is not optional.)
~ No grievously injuring or, heaven forbid, murdering another RPers characters, although feel free to send danger their way and give them the option to either get hit or dodge it.
~ Any effects dealt from and to another player, the affected player should be a sport unless they deny the effect, at their discretion of course.
~ No being an attention seeker or glory hog, let other RPers have their moments too.
~ No directly insulting or defacing other RPers or their characters. Your characters can insult whoever they want though, feel free to play a jerk character to their full potential.
~ Don’t double post. If replying to several RPers, try to fit it all in one post.
~ On a related note, make sure you check for replies, because if someone edits their post and adds a reply to you, it won’t notify you.
~ You may use small, temporary characters if need be (such as a shopkeeper) but no RPing as any characters other than your designated ones for any extended period of time.
~ No creating large events that people can’t possibly ignore if they want to, such as random explosions.
~ You can ask a mod for permission to change your characters if you have been playing as them for a long period of time, but only if you adequately write them out of the RP instead of just disappearing (in the case of main characters, in a way so that they can easily be picked up by a new RPer).
~ No crossing over characters or events from one RP to another, the RP’s occur in an alternate universe from each other. And no, this doesn’t mean you can open an interdimensional portal, absolutely no cross-RP interaction.
~ Make sure to check the RP Status thread to see what the other RPers characters race and gender are, and what they look like, in order to keep immersion (in real life you would immediately know what someone looked like). Also make sure to keep an eye on the RP Status for info on upcoming or running events, and changes in any character’s appearance.

5. There will be new rules for signing up too.

~ You must send in a submission by PM to the appropriate RP monitors. It is recommended that you send one copy to each monitor in order to maximize your chances of joining as quickly as possible.
~ The submission must include the following information:
The name of your characters.
Their appearances, including colour and cutie mark (yes, even if it’s one of the Mane 6).
A short background summary.
Their relationship status (if applicable).
~ Your characters can be two OCs or an OC and a show character, but not two show characters.
~ If you wish to RP as a main character from the show, you must include a paragraph of interaction between the character and your OC in the style of the RP, to show that you can accurately mimic their personality and speech.
~ If you use a character in one RP, you cannot have the same character in another RP, each RP is mutually exclusive to one another.
~ Once you have joined, you must post a comment in the RP Status thread that is linked at the top of every RP thread. This post must include your characters names, genders, races, detailed descriptions of their appearances, and the identifying colour you use for your partners text (if applicable). This way, if anything ever changes with your character’s appearance, you can edit the comment to reflect this. You must make it clear to others that this is a change from the norm, though.

6. There will be a new system for special events.

Major events and large story arcs can be quite fun, but if misused they alienate people hoping to join the RP and annoy people that would rather not participate. But from now on, events will be planned more deeply in advance, and be created in a new, temporary thread so that people have the option to continue RPing as normal in the usual thread.

There will even be limited time special events, that are run entirely by the ministrations of a designated Game Lord, and are closed when the GL is offline.

If you have been actively RPing for a large period of time, you will be allowed to suggest events that you think would be fun or interesting, or maybe even events that advance your own character’s story.

7. But most importantly, the details of these RPs will be up to the members! :yay:

While most of the rules and finer points have been decided by the admins in order to maximize efficiency and simplicity, all the fun stuff is up to you guys!
So go ahead and leave a comment telling us what you want for the fast and slow RPs, from the following options, and we shall compile and debate the results in order to determine the details that will make the most people happy :twilightsmile:

~ Whether there will be partners/waifus or not.

Having a second character to control can make smaller, necessary interactions a lot easier, and also offer up a lot more variety while RPing.
But having only one character at your disposal will force deeper interactions between other RPers. Did anyone else notice that in the old RP not a single character ever dated outside of their pair? :sweetieunsure:
If an RP did have partners dropped, I would leave them in the other RP though, to further give people the choice.
As a side note, if an RP had no partners, would you be allowed to have a show character or restricted to just OCs?

~ The maturity rating of the thread.

A point of contention in the old thread was what level of maturity was allowed, as it was never made entirely clear.
This can be anything from the level of the show to borderline Rule 34, but nothing completely explicit (there’s other places you can go for that).
As a general rule, the fast RP can be considered the fun one, and should have a G to PG rating, whereas the slow RP is the serious one, and should have an M to MA rating, but I’m open to different opinions.
If it is decided that one of the RPs will be mature, then it will be labeled as such to warn off young ‘uns or squeamish people.

~ The location that the RP takes place.

While I recommend that the fast RP stays in Ponyville, as it is the easiest option that will avoid long explanations and get into the action all the quicker, the slow RP can take place in any number of interesting locations, such as Canterlot or Las Pegasus.
Bring up any ideas you have, even for the fast one if you think there is a better option than Ponyville.

~ How much Mary Sue or OP is too much.

Mary Sue’s and OP characters are almost completely up to individual interpretation, but there’s one fact you have to keep in mind: If you’re allowed to have an over the top character, everyone is, and there will be people who will abuse this power.
Here’s some recommended guidelines, but once again, they are all up for debate, and you are free to suggest more:
No alicorns.
No species other than ponies (although zebras are close enough).
No being half-breeds with other species either.
No humans turned ponies.
Only unicorns can use magic.
Only pegasi can fly.
If a pony excels in anything, it must be related in some way to their cutie mark.
Nothing “sci-fi”, such as being an alien, being from another dimension or time frame, or having robotic limbs.

~ Time frame of the RP

Having a timezone other than the one in the show will further complicate the reset, but a lot of people seem to want it so here it is :twilightsheepish:
Do you want the RPs in show time, ten years later, or something else?
Maybe show time in the fast RP, but ten years later in the slow RP so that all the characters are more mature?

~ Whether the use of GIFs, Images and Youtube videos is allowed.

Some people like being able to post images for the show characters or Youtube videos of music their characters are playing.
Some people think these things break the immersion of the RP.
So let’s let democracy decide whether they are allowed or not! :pinkiehappy:

So, to recap...

The current RP is being scrapped.
We are making two, possibly three more RPs in its place, each with a different style.
There will be new rules and new RP monitors (which we are hiring for if you’re interested).
There will be a new system for special events, which may make them more frequent.
There are several options for the new RPs that we want you to vote on.
So make sure you vote if you want to get each RP to turn out the way you want :pinkiehappy:

tl;dr: You’re obviously not interested enough, so I’m not telling :trollestia:

Report Author Support · 531 views ·
Comments ( 54 )

The papers look in order, time to prepare my RP passports once more!Yeah! :yay:

- For one, I like my Waifu...or soon to be waifu. Nuff said

- OPness or mary sues need to be addressed and must reach a common ground on how much can RPers make their characters more or less OP.

- Donkeys and Griffons are Equestrian citizens so Zebra might be part of the society albeit uncommon around highly populated places. So it should be allowed.

- My characters fit the bill so I ask that my save game file to be transferred to the new game+ please! [fast RP]

- Can we settle what the timezone of the RP worlds sit. Makes for awkward good mornings at night....just for environmental immersion sense.

- Locations are very important so yes, let us not limit ourselves in just Canterlot and Ponyville. There are leaked scans of the Hasbro MLPFIM map so now we have a reference to where to RP.

- youtube is important. DnD RP thread, if it will exist, require it so much. Can't explain why unless you have tried playing DnD tabletop without game mood setting BG music and ambiance

- where can I pass my application forms?

I'll focus on the second RP, as it generally suits my style.

- Waifus are a must: Waifus allow your RP posts to be longer and more detailed and although no one in the old RP ever dated their characters with each other, that's perhaps a good thing; RP dating is a tricky subject.

-The second RP should be more mature, yes. However that doesn't mean it's ALWAYS dark and such.

-I'd really like Manehattan to be the location. I've always thought it as a city with two sides: the cheery, busy world of the average pony citizen and then the seedy underbelly where crime is rampant. Such a clash of styles will allow for interesting interactions, perhaps. :duck:

-Most of the points I agree with. Except one: Zebras shouldn't be allowed. Zecora is the only Zebra we have seen so far so why would we have a bunch of others walking around? They're obviously a reclusive species.

-I honestly don't mind about the time-zone too much. Either present day or in the future (but not too far off. I can't imagine hover carriages and the like.)

-No GiFs, images and youtube vids should be allowed. We have to be descriptive with our words!

And that'll be all from me. I guess...unless I think of something else.

Wait, when can we sign up? :twilightsheepish:

Yeah... I'm basically going to reply to every single comment, and really get the ideas flowing :yay:

- So waifus in both RPs then?

- That's what the list I made is for :twilightsheepish:
Do all of those limitations seem fine?

- So are you saying you want any Equestrian species allowed? Or just griffons, donkeys and zebras? :unsuresweetie:

- You can do that yourself when the new RP is made :rainbowlaugh:

- It's better just to act as if there is no day and night, and go to sleep whenever :twilightsheepish:

- If the location ever changes that will only be temporarily in events.
Are there any locations in particular you would want for the permanent hubs?

- DnD RP might be happening later.
For the moment, do you really think that there should be Youtube allowed in the other RPs?

- Later! :rainbowlaugh:

I think you should have split your answers between the two RPs, if we just end up with them the same that will suck :twilightsheepish:

- It's as tricky as real life I'd imagine, which is what would make it interesting :raritywink:

- Never said it would always be dark, just like the slow one doesn't always have to be fun :twilightsheepish:

- That is an awesome idea :pinkiehappy:
I hope everyone takes the time to read these other comments.

- Perhaps, but maybe a compromise: Zonies are allowed :raritywink:

- Definitely not that far into the future :twilightsheepish:

- Too true! :pinkiehappy:

We aren't giving an official date just yet, but it won't be too long now.
Obviously we still have to get all of the opinions on the new stuff first :twilightsheepish:

And even if you don't intend to use it, I'm still interested in your opinion on the fast RP if you can be bothered :twilightsheepish:

Does this mean I can still use The Psychopath? He doesn't use magic. He uses Illogic.


- It's not that so much as people thinking that the relationship is actually real. Then feelings get hurt. Trust me, it can happen.

-Correction: it's always fun but not always lighthearted! :twilightsmile:

-They better damn well do. :trixieshiftright:

-Meh, still not a fan of the Zonies idea. That said I can tolerate it. It's not a HUGE issue.

-Perhaps ten years as a maximum?


As for the fast RP, I probably won't take part. Doesn't mean I can't offer opinions though:

-Have waifus. For the same reason as the one I posted for slow RP.

-Could have elements of dark I suppose but nothing majorly descriptive, perhaps?

-The location doesn't really matter for fast RP. At least in my opinion. So I'll be generic and say Ponyville.

-I think some other races can be included here: mainly Zebras and Gryphons. But nothing villainous (that said in my head canon Minotaur aren't exactly evil).

-Like the location, time-zone doesn't really matter. Generic answer no. 2: Present day!

-Emoticons can be used, as images and youtube clips. But not to a massive amount in my opinion.

That still counts :facehoof:
Let me reiterate: Any extraordinary supernatural abilities that a normal pony doesn't have.
But as I've said, it's up for debate :twilightsheepish:
So if anyone else reads this comment and thinks special abilities like that should be allowed, pipe up!

- I never thought of that, it would be horrible! :pinkiegasp:

- That's what I meant :twilightsheepish:

- :eeyup:

- Tolerance is good :pinkiehappy:

- :eeyup:

As for fast...

- Well, if you think about it, since it's the faster, less serious RP, there's less chance of inter-RP relationships turning sour :twilightsheepish:

- Everything below that: :eeyup:

Big Mac basically means I've got nothing to add :twilightsheepish:

Depending on the answer, you know what'll happen, not that anyone cares or that it's important.:ajsmug:

I care, I'm sorry if it doesn't turn out the way you want it to :fluttershysad:

Um... no what? :applejackconfused:

284069 Could you send me a message if he's accepted or not?

I'm going to miss the Psychopath and his craziness strangely. :rainbowlaugh:

Your PM still didn't fix a lot of things. I shall continue where I left off.
1. What does the background summary consist of? How the 2 chars met? Individual stories? Parents? A walking Wikipedia ?Like I said, how long and how much detail is needed? Technically the main 6 are implied singles. [or that's how I see it & Fanfics are a different kind of thing altogether.] It will break 'cannon' if I introduce Thunder in. Is this still acceptable?(Okay maybe except a implied Rarity X Spike relationship in the show)

2. Interaction paragraph:
Could be anything right? I mean, there's a possible thousand and one scenarios Dash could be... I mean how do you know exactly what R.D will say? We can mimic the behavior actions but not really true speech, as it differs from situation to situation.I mean, this is fanfic, not show writers...

For this, will it be okay, if I prepare just a simple story in RP style? What do you mean by 'prove your fluency' ? How do you judge that?

3. Time frame. I need this to be clarified ASAP. Whether it's 10 years or now or whatever. Speech is heavily influenced by environmental factors and background story. What if Dash was well traveled?

4. I vote for a OP char. Hell, it make things more interesting ! As you said, I shall vote for bringing back Atom's fancy whacko leg. More action!

Sure, I can do that :twilightsmile:
You should still give your opinions on the other stuff if you have any though, just in case he is :twilightsheepish:

1. Whatever you come up with and want to tell us :twilightsheepish:
Any important traits too, as we would have to check for features that are banned (if any are).
And like I said, I don't think it says anywhere that the show characters have to be completely canon, even if it ends up as show time maybe Dash met Thunder just before the RP started.

2. Pretty much whatever can best demonstrate your abilities to mimic them.
And as I said, we're not going to be misers, if you can get Rainbow Dash close enough (which I'm sure you will) then it should be fine, we just need to know you'll at least be close enough.

3. That's the thing, it's up for you guys to decide :pinkiehappy:
What do you think the time frame for each RP should be? :twilightsmile:

284085I don't think much of it. As long as I can use him.

I was about to write Thunder's BG then I stopped. I think everything will hinge on the time frame really. A longer time frame means a longer background story. This includes speech..behavior... and what's not.

Another problem is kids. In a 10 year forward scenarios, couples tend to lean towards foals.... (It is kind of weird to marry someone, and then having no kids in a long term marriage. Hell, it could even be a shot gun marriage. You know the 'heat of the moment' kind of thing?) (I'm still thinking whether is it possible to bring Aurora in.)

Fast RP/Slow RP - makes little difference. A good way to practice a little bit of writing in any case.
Location - Makes a difference if we to construct scenarios/ story lines.
OP/Mary sues - I dunno. Subjective. depends on scenario.
Partners- should be both in Fast & Slow.

Other opinion: I think we should have a villain character from time to time to spice things up.

EDIT: I like the show time frame better :P But any time frame will do, honestly. 10 years is fine with me.

:rainbowwild:Okay, let me give this a shot. For the simpler RP (non-descriptive basically)

1. Whether there will be partners/waifus or not. - In a situation like in the simple RP where there can be barely anything written down, and characters may not wish to say something because they are shy or embarrassed then a partner does help you get your point across to the other RPer. It does make sense for you to have a partner in this sense because in the simple RP there is not much description that can put across what you are trying to say; unless you have a charater that talks like a robot and tells you precisely what he means...Pony's will be pony's.

2. The maturity rating of the thread.- For the simple thread it is probably best to keep it as being in touch with the show- an innocent side to it. A complicated plot line that goes along with the mature side of things would most likely confuse people unless it is explained in very great detail. U or PG would work much better in this type of RP.

3. The location that the RP takes place. - Ponyville would probably be best as this RP is so fast. It helps avoid all the confusion when somebody enters and gets told 'No, we're in Canterlot now'. When it's fast, it had better stay where it is so as to avoid confusion for the players. If a trip is wanted by someone in this thread then they can request it and make a new thread...and stay there for a set, long-ish time period. Basically if they say they're going on holiday to Las Pegasus for three days, then stay away for three days.

4. How much Mary Sue or OP is too much.- I don't really have to say anything here, Mary Sue and OP characters, as you say, should not be in this thread because even an alien would have too complicated a backstory.

5. Time frame of the RP- In the fast RP? Definitely in the set time frame of the show. I mean, it goes fast enough as it is, do we really want it set in a future that could be a lot different to the Ponyville we see now? If you do the future, then why not go the whole hog and be in the past when Equestria was made? :rainbowlaugh: That was sarcasm by the way, I don't really think we should go into the past. Well, at least not in RP we shouldn't :rainbowwild:.

6. Whether the use of GIFs, Images and Youtube videos is allowed.- I don't really see too much of a problem with this if it is only done sparingly (because if too many videos are on a thread my IPad refuses to let me on it and shuts off my internet). This can happily be done in the Simple RP thread.

Now onto the Serious RP, the Story Makers (hehe...I said story makers and now I have the theme in my head).

1. Whether there will be partners/waifus or not- I still don't see why not; then again controlling two characters actions in detail may become tiresome if it is too long. I suppose it depends on whether these two characters are interacting with the same RPer or not. If they have to reply both together to 5 seperate RPers for example, then it may become a tiny bit of a bother to write for two characters. I think that perhaps the RPer should have a choice over whether he wants to only write for one or write for two characters.

2. The maturity rating of the thread- For over-complicated plot lines like an apocalypse it would be okay to use it in the thread where more description can take place. As for things like clop (which is also mature remember) that may be uncomfortable for some RPers that use this style more often. It's up to you but maybe there should be strict rules as to what you count of as okay in mature.

3. The location that the RP takes place.- Just like what you have already said, if they want to go somewhere outside of Ponyville then a new thread should be made just for them for a set amount of time (just as I said in the fast RP).

4. How much Mary Sue or OP is too much- You could maybe afford to have other creatures pay a visit (such as Angel Bunny or a manticore coming round) or even having, I don't know, an alien around. Mary Sue's may be out of the question as usual, but you can afford to have some more complex characters in this thread.

5. Time frame of the RP- I still say that being in the show's time or even just a teeny tiny bit further is the best place to be. It's what we know the most about: we don't want to have to invent a whole new look for Ponyville based on what time period we are in; places change quite rapidly usually.

6.Whether the use of GIFs, Images and Youtube videos is allowed.- In this thread I don't feel like these should be used. They are meant to be describing what they are doing, they don't need to use these to get their point across.

Thank you, this has been a talk with DreamWings. Hope you enjoyed and 'keep Rolling' (or roleing).

Since I will (try to) join the both non DnD RP's...

-No partners, although I am okay with them.
-I am sorry, but I don't know these ratings.... I just say a bit more mature than it was and everything is fine.
-I don't care about the place, so I say Ponyville for the sake of simplicity.
-Too much OP and Mary Sue is for me when the character can alter other peoples minds and doings or kills the fun in another way.
-The time frame should be a bit later than it is in the show so that the show ponies have a excuse to sometimes act out of character, because come on, we KNNOW it will happen.
-I am okay with gif's and videos.

-I say partners should be allowed.
-Again, a little more mature than it was before.
-Once again I don't care about where the setting is. Maybe a non show place is better so people have the chance to build up on their surroundings.
-same as my reply to this question in fast RP.
-Again, I would make the whole thing later.
-Since this is descriptive RP I wouldn't use it so often, but I am very okay with GIF's and videos.

One question to the event threads. It may be a silly question, but I think it is important to clearly know that. If we join a event, will we still be allowed to be in the normal RP whilst the event is running in the seperate one?

OK, since I'll be participating in the slow RP only, all my votes apply to that one.

1. Yes for partners/waifus. It helps keep things interesting.

2. I'm all for the slower RP being mature-rated, but obviously it shouldn't be excessively so.

3. Location: I personally think this depends on whether or not we're limited to OCs only. I do think, however, that Ponyville is probably not the place to have a slower-paced and more serious RP. To be honest, I'm all for Las Pegasus. With little to no canon description, we can really do whatever we want with it.

4. I'm not sure what OP means, but I hate Mary Sues with a passion. (Note that a pony being really good at their cutie mark/special talent doesn't fall under "Mary Sue" territory for me.)

5. I think the slower RP should be set in the future (relative to the show) so we can use more mature characters, again depending on whether or not we're limited to OCs only.

6. I'm going to say we won't need GIFs/images/Youtube if we're doing a slower and more serious RP. Kinda ruins the mood.

Hmm, I forgot about kids...
They'd probably be an exception to the extra characters rule, but you wouldn't be allowed to have them straight away, even if the timing makes that seem weird, sorry. They'd be a privilege for people who RP for an extended period of time.

Location: Do you have any suggestions for the hub location of each RP?

OP/Mary Sue: What do you think of the guidelines I wrote? Any that you would change/remove/add?

Timeframe and Partners: Vote received :raritywink:

You are perfectly within your right to have a jerk character, such as Trixie, but as for full-blown villains, those would be dealt with under the new events system :pinkiehappy:
I already have several plans, so don't worry, there will be plenty to "spice things up" :raritywink:

Alrighty, here I go :twilightsheepish:
If I reply with a Big Mac that means I have nothing to add, but I'm still taking your opinions into consideration :twilightsmile:

For the fast RP:

1. :eeyup:

2. :eeyup:

3. Trips and the like will be sorted out with the new events system :twilightsmile:

4. So you're fine with the guidelines I put up? Nothing to add/change/remove?

5. Hmm, that's all fine, but I never even considered setting it in the past...
That's something to think about if we ever need to make a fourth RP :twilightsheepish:

6. :eeyup:

For the slow RP:

1. Are you saying that people should have the choice of whether they have a waifu or not?
Intriguing... I'm not sure how that would work out though... :applejackunsure:

2. It shall definitely be strict, and as I said there shall be nothing completely explicit
What's your opinion on gore though?

3. Yep, but do you have a suggestion for the hub location?

4. :eeyup:

5. :eeyup:

6. :eeyup:

Thank you Dreamwings, it's been a pleasure talking with you :raritywink:

I need a bit of clarification:
For the maturity levels, give me an example of violence or romantic actions that you would consider to be taking it too far.
And for the OP/Mary Sue characters, what specific changes would you make to the guidelines I made in the blog?

Um... I guess you could be in both the event and the normal thread... It would be really unrealistic though :rainbowlaugh:

And other than that, votes received :twilightsmile:

OP means "over powered". So no changes to the guidelines for Mary Sues I had above?
Other than that, votes received :pinkiehappy:

284154 Answers to your answers:
For the fast RP:
1. :scootangel:
3. I figured.
4. Eenope...unless you really want to add 'Paranormal things'.
5.The past is the best place to be....Time travel crazy.

Slow RP:
1.Ask if people want one or two characters to control? I'm not quite getting what you mean, am I?
2. Gore is okay as long as both memebers of the party agree to it. If everyone agrees to the gore they are going with then: yes...if somebody doesn't agree then:no.
3. Eenope. I don't do locations properly. I'm not that kind of filly :scootangel:.

I would say if you write clop or heavy gore inside of the rp you are definitely making somethig wrong. I guess as long as it doesn't come to such things that really describe how limbs get ripped off or anything like that gore would be okay for me at least and well, romance, I mean, I guess everybody of us could stand clop, but it really isn't anything that should come into the RP. Romance should stay at kissing and cuddling and maybe little hints at recent activities, but it shouldn't going into the descriptive part. So.... now I have to write some things I will feel dirty for.... examples.
Gore okay: 'One of his bones was poking out of his skin'
Gore over the top: 'One of his bones slowly was sliding out of his back leg, leaving him screaming on the floor, waiting for the bloodflow to stop. The ponies around him couldn't do anything than watching as his blood slowly dyed everyone in a light red tone. As he threw up.....' (I don't want to continue that here. That was like you can guess a rather harmless example, but if such things are allowed it slides of too easy.)
Romance okay: 'She kissed him deep and passionately' / 'Well, lets just say it involved multiple chairs, dimmed lights and a few costumes.'
Romance over the top: 'As she kissed him she slowly slid her hoof downwards....' (Sorry Sunny, but I guess you know what I mean. This is something to not be continued here. What I mean, talking about it as long as not too explicit is okay, but telling it one by one like if it was filmed or doing 'it' whilst the activities of the RP is over the top in my opinion.

OP / Mary Sues
For simplicities sake I wouldn't do any change. What I mean to say is unrealistic and uncontrolable. Mary Sues aare fully okay as long as they aren't killing fun and OP character normally don't kill the fun, I mean its no RP based on fighting damn it. Only to remind you all, this RP is about mlp, there normally shouldn't be any decision how much gore or romance is allowed. We only do that because its more fun, eh ;D Anyways. The rules for Mary Sues should stay the way they are at the moment.

RP for a extended period of time? How long would that be from now? 6 months? 1 year? Activity level? It's going to be weird to have a instant kid popping up the middle of the RP. Unless I say 'Adopted'.

let's say theoretically I'm allowed to have a kid after 10 months of RP (or whatever time frame) .. then suddenly I bring her in the next thread.. having a kid suddenly would be uhhh.. O_o

Location: I think this depends on events? I'm thinking either manehatten or ponyville or the the new crystal kingdom. It's the events are that more important than location, methinks.

Gary Sue/OP - It's event based really. In a normal day, no pony would care if character A can destroy the entire world or not. They are good if we are having a fight or random things to spice up. Example: The Twin's games.

Jerk character- I'm thinking of RPing someone like Blueblood or Gilda in the slow RP (or some pony similar) but it is tough to keep up the facade. You can't always be a jerk all the time. Even in the show itself, we don't see recurring villains. Seriously, no pony would want to talk to jerks. Pissing folks is one thing, getting response is another.

Thread time frame. - How many thread numbers = one season, or week or day?

Active for a month I suppose is a good start, but things like this would be decided on a case by case basis.
Adoption is an option, but, uh, what about the way babies are made in real life? :applejackunsure:

Location: Blah, we don't need to sort out the events now, we just need a hub :rainbowlaugh:
Your votes have been tallied though :raritywink:

Gary Sue/OP: The problem is, we need to set guidelines, because everyone has to follow the same rules.
It may be fun having a single responsible person having extra power, but if everyone could do that it would just get abused, and it's unfair to give special exceptions.
Besides, there's plenty of other ways to go about making fantastical stuff happen, such as potions and curses and stuff like that.

Jerks: The interesting thing about jerks is that they can be so much deeper than a joke character.
They don't have to be a jerk all of the time, just pompous or arrogant, and they can undergo some real character development that may even make them act nicer.

Thread Time Frame: Well, since the threads were just changed to take more than 200 posts, and we're still not sure what they new max is (if there is even a max) this might have to be figured out later...
I think I'll implement a calendar system to help people keep track of the date in the RP, thanks for the reminder :twilightsmile:

Holy lord this is feed back. I'm just chill with everything.

I was thinking about the former really. If needed, adoption would be the last few options...
Okay, how do I put this: Babies/Foals are not created in a day.
Let's say RD is pregnant. It's going to be difficult for her to do things in the RP realistically. In RL, it takes 11 months to conceive a foal. Which means 'quite a while' in the time period of RP.

It's like.. Hi, I'm pregnant, and Aurora shoots out the next day @_@ Everyone will go 'Whuuuuuuuuuuuut has just happened?' Besides, getting pregnant is really a personal choice. You can't tell folks to have instant kids/forced them not to. In any case, I'm gonna apply for one after the one month thing is up, haha.

About curses/bad effects. It depends on the duration. You can't have it for too long else it will kill the fun of the person having it. I know I'd be pissed.

Jerks: I know. But having them going through the transformational change would just kill the story. Because, that's like, oh-this-is-it, I-am-good-pony-now. Jerk have to stay as jerks. If not, no fun. That's why the show only have one time appearance for them. You don't see Gilda/Trixie appearing in season 2...

It's frankly hard to play a jerk all the time and have constant active ways to create trouble. Especially we don't have much folks RPing ATM. Not use pissing one or two ponies off. Where's the fun in that?

Now: Character system is a little flawed here. We don't have enough folks to fill up most of ponyville.
Take the CMCs for example. How do you interact with them when no one's playing that char? This I'm interested in.
(Maybe that's why User Rped as Big Mac the last time... I know I did with Scoots... )

So no issues / suggestions / questions, etc?
No differing opinions or ideas for the various new RP details?
It's fine if you don't I guess, but I just want to make sure I get as much info as possible :twilightsheepish:

That's what I mean though, you'd have to RP as her being pregnant for a while.
In a way it's sort of like putting up with some effort to earn the reward (a.k.a. a new character to use) :twilightsheepish:

Bad effects: Well yeah, but it's pretty much up to you how long they last... :applejackunsure:
My point was though, you guys keep complaining that it's going to get boring without super-powered ponies, but you're not using your noodles and thinking of alternatives.
The benefits far outweigh any downsides anyway, crazy supernatural battles just scare off too many new RPers.

Jerks: I was thinking more of like a gradual change :twilightsheepish:
But whatever, you don't have to play as a jerk, but other people can if they want to, and I think it's possible to pull it off.

Character System: Any show characters that aren't being RPed as can be used temporarily to assist in the storyline if need be, but only when necessary, not in a permanent capacity.
If they were allowed permanently you'd basically have an extra character, which is unfair to other RPers who don't get that option.

I'm not sure whether to answer that in foal times or human times. Basically, what I meant is.... too much action and the foal gets 'miscarriage'. It's rather.. easy. In animals, the mother would most likely to be aggressive and nasty. (same for humans) It's quite a broad topic. Again, this depends on time line. How many threads = how many days/months... etc. The question is... time........ isn't it? Was the one month pregnancy period ? XD

Or I could just use my male OC to do stuff instead of R.D. Maybe.

OP/Sues: Well, that's what happened the last time. I can't argue with that. Again, this depends on the GL...

Jerks: Possible. I'm gonna wait & see who will step up to this mantle. Tough choice, but good rewards.
Like I said, it takes a lot of guts trying to pull it off. It's not easy as any pony would like it to be.

What about battles? How intensive will they be?

We don't really have to stick too closely to realism in this case, I'll decide on an arbitrary time to go with the calendar I'm making :twilightsheepish:
And we'll make the unborn baby invincible, the idea of a miscarriage in the RP is just... unpleasant :fluttershyouch:

OP/Sues: There will only be a GL for certain events
And in those cases you can go completely nuts, since the normal RP is kept safe and quiet for those that want it :raritywink:

Jerks: I agree, I can't wait to see if someone tries it :pinkiehappy:
... But hey, didn't Dream have a jerk character, Sour? It's not exactly something new :twilightsheepish:

Battles: However intense you want them to be without breaking the rules.
And you can even stretch the rules if you get the other participants permission to really hurt them :pinkiecrazy:

Plus, with all the blood flow, it's not going to be very nice on every pony. I'm not going into details cuz it will be sickening. I think it can be classified as gore already...

Have to see what things the OP character is going to do. Especially in battles.

Jerks: Yes, but Sour didn't really go to a deep extent. It's like a mosquito scratch mark. What I meant is deep trouble.

Battles are interesting but too deadly will have horrible effects... like making them unable to do anything. Like Permanent disability.
The interesting part is really seeing how the battles will start.

Off topic: It's good to have new things but... I feel that we should have a promotional campaign for the RP. There's too few folks participating as it is. I'm actually interested to see how would Raryn/Samaru/Cobalt respond to this, since they have OP chars.

The RP is really made out of active folks, to be honest.

Like I said, we'll keep that in cheesy, cartoon style or something, no danger or gore :derpytongue2:
And we'll also conveniently gloss over the birth as well, make it happen "off screen", so to speak :twilightsheepish:

Battles: The thing is, if you want that to happen, then you can do it :applejackunsure:
If you want to lose a limb or something like that, if that's really the direction you want to take your character, then go ahead.
Although if it's too serious it would probably be only allowed in a mature RP.

Off topic (not really): I've already sent a message to every person on the RP list, and there's this blog, I'm not really sure how else to advertise it :twilightsheepish:
There's bound to be some people who notice the new RPs when they get made though, since they'll have more interesting names then "RP 224" :rainbowlaugh:
Hopefully making it simpler and more accessible, as well as providing more options for RPs and events, will increase activity :twilightsmile:

Now that would be interesting, provided you have a lot of everyday stuff to talk about. The only problem would be running out of 'fuel'. That is why new things are being created like Psycho's illogical characters, Samaru's Eclipse and Cobalt erratic characters. Conversation happens because events happen. I hope we have constant events, else, it will be boring like the old RP. I, for once would like to see a full science battle between magic and whatever craziness some folks have.

For the RP... You can email to everyone, but we have to see how the response will be like. This much, is definitely not enough. I mean.. even at it's peak... I estimate less than 10 might actually be active at any given day. The aim is just to pass time afterall.

284257 Hmm. Nah. I chill and go with the flow.

Okay, when can I sign up? Now? I can't think of a dialogue! I really want her...

As far as the rules for Mary Sues go, what you have is fine. Sign-ups start when?

Okay, finished the application. I just needed that out of the way before replying with opinions.

I am okay with all that you've said.
I really like that we'll have a fast and slow RP.
When will these changes take place? (I haven't been to the group yet today)
What exactly is a D&D style RP?
I like your new rules.
I'm going to guess we don't have RP monitors yet so thus can't send in applications. I already sent you (Sunny) one, just because I want her. But you already knew that. :twilightblush:
I like the new descriptions and the fact that we can easily update them.
YES PARTNERS! Um, please that is.
I like the way you have the maturity rating in this blog, (As a general rule, the fast RP can be considered the fun one, and should have a G to PG rating, whereas the slow RP is the serious one, and should have an M to MA rating, but I’m open to different opinions.
If it is decided that one of the RPs will be mature, then it will be labeled as such to warn off young ‘uns or squeamish people.) as you say. I think that works.
For these:
No alicorns (I agree, unless they're canon, of course. But those people shouldn't abuse their powers either.)
No species other than ponies (although zebras are close enough). [Why not? I never had a problem with it. Of course, I was never in a RP where they actually showed up. But only canon species. Otherwise we're not in this universe anymore and what's the point?)
No being half-breeds with other species either. (I see you okayed Zonies. I don't care, but would that mean you'd allow Zedonks as well?)
No humans turned ponies. (Never understood this in the first place, not a fan of humans in pony worlds)
Only unicorns can use magic. (Definitely. Give the unicorns some recognition. Represent!)
Only pegasi can fly. (Yes, please. YES)
If a pony excels in anything, it must be related in some way to their cutie mark. (Yes)
Nothing “sci-fi”, such as being an alien, being from another dimension or time frame, or having robotic limbs. (Again, that's no longer in universe. I don't have a problem personally, but come on. Do any canon ponies have this? Let's please stay canon so we can have a common ground.)

TIME FRAME: I really don't care where it is. I mean, I'd prefer to have it be just oresent and not in the future or anything. I didn't even know we were in the future until halfway through RPing last time. It's clearer and just makes more sense to me.

OTHER CONTENT: Meh, I don't think it messes with immersion. I just ignore those things anyway.

Thank you for reading :twilightsmile:. I now will go and squeeze my imaginary Rarity doll until we get to apply for characters.

I really would like to apply, but juggling real life, contributor duties, and writing, among other things, is going to be a bit difficult for me to handle :twilightsheepish:

Umm..... if I make Soarin' as a flirt,and having other bad traits, does any one here minds? If I not I want to make him part of the RD's background story... :yay::yay::yay:

I like Sickle. He is a clone of me, I can't get rid of me.
I have no idea I'f he breaks any rules cause I want to keep him.

Overall I like the rules. I don't have a problem with the change really. Who do I send the application to though? It's probably written already but I have a serious migrain and looking at the monitor hurts.

Hopefully the events should definitely be more frequent, and we'll be looking for member suggestions once the new RP has a chance to settle in :twilightsmile:

And like I said, there should be plenty of more active people now that the RP is more appealing in general :pinkiehappy:

Unless a show character is one of your characters, I wouldn't make any established personality traits or history for them.
That way it's less conflicted if someone ends up taking them and changing their personality or history, especially with the background characters that are less established on the show.
If you have to use a show character in the background of your character, try to make their role vague.
For example, you could mention that Rainbow used to date Soarin, but that they "parted ways" and Rainbow doesn't want to talk about it.

Votes received :pinkiehappy:
But with the waifus/partners, is that in both RPs?
I didn't really think it would ever get removed from both, but variety might be nice :twilightsheepish:

D&D = Dungeons and Dragons, but we're sorting that out later and focusing on the other two RPs first.

Alicorns: Nope, not even canon alicorns like Celestia and Luna, if people want to use them for important stuff they can set up an event instead :twilightsmile:

Once again, waifus/partners in both?
I know everyone wants them in at least one, but I'm still figuring out whether or not to give some variety with this option :twilightsheepish:

That's too bad :fluttershysad:

I don't think he really breaks any rules as a character, unless he has some secret powers I didn't know about, but you might have to tone him down slightly unless one of the threads ends up mature :raritywink:
Also, I don't think guns do/should/or could even possibly exist in Equestria if you think about it, so you'd have to find other ways to be violent :twilightsheepish:

Great! :pinkiehappy:
No other thoughts though? :trixieshiftright:

285326 284508 284492
We still need to sort out these votes and such, so applications aren't open now, although it shouldn't be too long.
We'll probably make another blog post to let you guys know, as well as what the finalized details are :twilightsmile:
And Demitri, the recommendation is to send the application to every monitor of the RP you want to join, in order to maximize your chances of being added as quickly as possible :raritywink:

Vague as in making it less clear why she parted ways? In other terms I can't vilify Soarin' ? What about another OC I made up to suit that purpose? Hmm... I think for Rainbow's background story... I will make it short. (Technically we don't really know her family background and season 3 not released.) Do I include 2 interaction passages or just 1 to represent both of my OC & RD ?

I think I'm gonna play as Scoots in the slow RP... As Scoots, I can just make up her BG right? I mean... it's up to my own interpretation... :D

DIsabled Scoots VS Stalker Loo .... The battle continues!


You just can't confirm anything about Soarin's background, because it's up to whoever takes him as a character.
One interaction passage, you don't need to prove that you can play as your OC, they're your character after all :derpytongue2:

Stalkerloo would probably fit the fun one better, Disabled Scoots could work really well in the serious one :pinkiehappy:
But we still don't know for sure that that's how the RPs will turn out, so whatever ::twilightsheepish:
I guess so... as long as you don't conflict with anything in the show.
Just be original if you can, honestly, everyone thinks she's an orphan, it would be interesting to give her parents for once :rainbowlaugh:

True.... well, I just wanted RD to have at least a failed relationship. Creating tension in a relationship is always interesting. Not sure if I should really go with AJ or Soarin', honestly. For now, I'll just copy whatever you said into the draft about Soarin'. But if a conflict happens, I will talk to the person playing Soarin... (Not sure who will, through.)

Unfortunately Scoot will not fit into gore/mature category... (Wait, am I the only person playing as one of the CMCs O_o)
Aslo, I do not include the interaction pasage for Scoots?

Look, when I say Mature, I don't mean full blown gore, and it might not even be worse than M15+ :twilightsheepish:
And even if it has that rating, that's just the limit, people will most likely stay away from it for the most part and keep things benign.
It's always there if they need it though, for those truly dramatic moments and gut-wrenching plot twists :pinkiecrazy:

I used to play D&D. Now I play Pathfinder.

L2 Elven Archer Ranger, Shadow Lodge

Masterwork Composite Longbow (Arrows, 15)
Elven Curveblade
Chain Shirt
Travelers Outfit.

Where do I sign up?

Well, I generally aprove of everything going on here. I'll be honest, the prospect of a tabletop RP system is what excited me the most, even if it's unconfirmed yet.

Love you, Love you, Love you all.

As for the voting...

I would have to say that partners would work in the two RPs mentioned here, however, I think that if we had a tabletop system (if. Note the if), it would be best to scrap them in that RP, as it messes with the mechanic. only the GM plays multiple characters at once in these games, and those are the things that try to kill your characters. I'm assuming an MLP RP wouldn't have those types of things, so i say that the possible third have a profuse lack of partners.

I really like the third recomendation you had there, so im going to have to vote for that. Fast: show time. Slow: ten years later.

That's all I could really think of.

286459 Define tone him down? And I don't have to use guns or trucks. I can make it 17th century up in here.
I also do vote for mature just for the freedom of storytelling.

Basically what it implies, if he's in a less mature thread he can't go killing people or using guns or stuff.
Actually, that isn't technically Sickle as a character, that's just your RPing style, so I'd say you're the one who'd have to tone things down :twilightsheepish:
But your vote is received, and it's looking like at least one of the RPs will be mature anyway :twilightsmile:

Votes received :pinkiehappy:
There will be a new blog when sign ups start, although the DnD one will take a little longer, I'm sorting out the more traditional ones first, sorry :twilightsheepish:

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