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Lots of ideas for fics, not enough motivation to wright them all, only one, for now.

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  • 349 weeks
    Story idea #14 and #15

    Discord holds a multi verse wide eating contest.

    What if Starswirl The Bearded was a timelord?

    Both of these are up for adoption, but it's likely there may be stories like these out there already, and if so, I'd like to know about them.

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  • 359 weeks
    Something i feel must be said.

    Reformed characters and how Twilight interacts with them.

    Luna: In Twilights eyes, Luna and Nightmare Moon are two different pony's, so she treats Luna with respect.

    Discord: He perposfully antagonizes her, so she is hostile towards him while throwing him a bone once in a while.

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    Story Idea #13

    This is going to be a long one, because instead of just writing out a basic idea, I'm going to write out a short scene.

    A woman appeared on screen. "You've played Airsoft." A window opened up on screen with footage of people playing a game of Airsoft. "You've played Paintball." And another showing people playing Paintball. "You've played laser tag." And again with laser tag. "But you've

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  • 360 weeks
    Story Idea #12

    This hasn't left my head for over a month.

    Sunset Shimmer gets recruited by the O.W.C.A.

    Same rules as the other times; Use it, let me know, find it already out there, let me know.

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  • 371 weeks
    Story Idea #11 (sorta)

    Am I the only one who thinks that a scene involving Sunset telling the Humane Five that ponys in Equestria have prehensile tails(I'm almost certain that Pinkie is the only one with a prehensile mane) would be funny?

    Please link me to a fic that has this scene in it somewhere.

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First Blog Post Ever. Kinda nervous. (a.k.a. Story Idea #1) · 12:08am Nov 20th, 2015

OK, so I had this idea for a Sunset Shimmer fic, but I'm so horrible at wrighting that I'd end up just butchering it. So I'm going to put my idea down below and anybody who wants to, can use it for their own fic, as long as they give me a link to it:twilightsmile:. Also, if you think my idea sounds familiar and now of a fic that already exists that uses it, give me a link to it please.

My Idea:
What if, when the Elements blasted Sunset at the end of the first movie, they created a facsimile personality that suppressed the original and believed that it was the original?

Anyway, that's my idea. Anybody want to use it/seen a fic that uses it?
If yes, link me to it so I can read it.

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I wouldn't use it - I've got plenty of my own - but it does raise some interesting and frightening possibilities.

That said, someone's raised similar issues with Princess Luna in at least one story.

Thanks for the feedback. Can you link me to that Luna story? I wanna read it.


The story in question. That said, this was merely suggested by a villain protagonist and is open to interpretation.

Hi there! :heart:

I actually think this is a really good idea, and there have been musings on Sunset Shimmer topics in Fimfic's groups and formus on what the rainbeam does to her. I have one of my own planned in the works for 2016 and while I wouldn't use your above stated idea outright, what I do have planned sort of brushes against it?

(That said, most fics I've seen usually end up the other way around--having Sunset's "demon" side separated from Sunset and gaining a sentience of sorts. Fans love the hardcore, I guess. :pinkiehappy: They're not hard to find, either.)

Thank's for the feedback, and i can't wait for your Sunset fic.:twilightsmile:
Yeah, I've read my fair share of those. They're pretty good.

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