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The Ten Words That Killed Me · 7:11pm Nov 18th, 2015

"What do you mean, I'll have no computer until December?"

Fate smiled. "You have three guesses."

"But that's way too long! What am I going to do until then?! I need a new laptop now!"

"Thought luck. You should have taken better care of the old one."

"But I have classes and stuff! I need a computer to--!"

"You won't have one."

"But why?!"

Fate smiled like a poet with a new set of bongos. "Well," it said. "Remember that time you and your brother punched my dick so hard my son stopped existing?"


"So do I."

Comments ( 18 )

A moment of silence for the laptop that brought you Daring Done and everything that came after. I named it Rocamadour, and like its literary self, it died while I was busy having a party with parisine bohemians and fucking a chap from Argentina.

I'd make a joke about how many people are gonna get that one, BUT I AM TOO BUSY NOT HAVING A COMPUTER TILL DECEMBER FUCKING CHRIST.

I just replaced laptop with home, and classes with friends. Sounds just as awesome. xD


This time of the year is like clockwork, must ruin lives before Thanksgiving! :rainbowlaugh:

3550921 I'm so sorry.

"Remember that time you and your brother punched my dick so hard my son stopped existing?"

Captain Steel Dickpuncher? God damn it, why do these blogs have continuity?

And seriously, fuck butterflies. Assholes.

Loopy is sorry for your loss. *pats back*


Why December, of all times?

Though, that's not too bad.

Does your school at least have a computer lab you can use? I've been camped out in mine ever since my laptop went out back in September.

Argentina's location is permanently burned into my mind ever since a year ago. Sorry for your loss.

If you're at all interested in attempting to resurrect it, PM me and I'll totally play tech support. Seriously, this is what I do for fun. :twilightsmile:

Unless you did something crazy like smash it or spill orange juice on it. Then you're screwed. :twilightoops:

3551328 Aragon probably was only looking at pictures of the penile form before his brother caught him. One thing led to another, and can you fix a hole in a computer?

Welp, time for you to start living in the college computer labs.

Fate is a BASTARD! Karma is a BITCH!

Loopy's laptop fucked up this morning :raritydespair:
Luckily, she hasn't got to wait until December for a new one:pinkiehappy:

Sorry old chap :moustache:

I'm guessing we'll be seeing less of you, then. Or do you have another computer?

3551328 You could try your luck, but I've seen Aragón in person. It's probably not going to be of any use. Him and Technology aren't friends. Every time he touched something that ran on electricity there was a small earthquake, and then something started burning.

3551328 Now that I think about it, PMs are incredibly difficult to use on mobile, which you're probably using if you're laptop is dead. Skype me instead if that's an issue, I'm MustacheMerlin there too. It may or may not be hopeless, but it's probably at least worth a shot.


Skype is even harder on mobile, though. At least for me.

Anyway, nothing we can really do about it, I'm afraid -- the laptop plain doesn't detect the charger. The plug is broken, so I have to change it (before you say it -- it's not the charger's problem, I already made sure to check that), and that's waaay too expensive; if I gotta pay about 150 euros to fix Rocamadour, I can just spend a hundred more and buy a new laptop. It won't have Windows 7, but eh.

Still, thanks for the offer, man. Heaven knows I have this kind of problem pretty often. Technology as a whole fucking hates me.


Nah. Can't do that. I'll survive through my phone (so I can check this out, but good fucking luck posting) and desperation. Maybe using my PS3 and the TV now and then, to mess with my roommates.


The blogs have continuity because I'm serious when I say Captain McSteel Dickpuncher is the most popular character I've ever created. Maybe my interpretations of Lyra or Night Light are slightly more liked? But the fucking Captain is a superstar among my followers, apparently.

And, not gonna lie -- it might be my finest creation yet. Past Me was pretty smart.

3554117 Well poo. The offer still stands for future problems though, so don't hesitate to ask. If only I didn't live so far away, I could probably still jerry rig it if I could mess with it in person, but soldering doesn't really translate well to remote instructions.


soldering doesn't really translate well to remote instructions.

Yeah I wouldn't trust myself with fire. Like, I still remember how Selbi had to skype´-call and share screens with me to teach me how to instal Tampermonkey. And I still fucked up.

For all I know, computers work with magic. I sacrifice goats to the Gods of Internet every time the wifi goes down. You don't want me tampering with electronic shit. I'm fairly sure last time I tried to build something with Mecano I killed Santa Claus.

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