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Madeline L-Equine

Author puns are SO FUNNY aren't they? I'm a south carolina transgirl who's been largely inactive thanks to lovely things like bouts of depression and anxiety, and now am getting back to writing.

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    I have a cold right now and I sound like shit.
    I feel like recording a story reading.
    What would be funny for me to read?

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    This was a useless blog post.
    You have just wasted your time.

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    Hey everybody. So, that April Fool's blog post was in rather poor taste. To anyone who fell for it, I apologize. It looks like I got my comeuppance already.

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    Today is Trans Remembrance Day

    In this year alone, two thousand and thirteen, over two hundred transgender people were killed simply for being who they are. These acts of barbarism took place throughout the world, but in no way was my own country, the United States of America, soft on transgenderism. We did our fair share to ensure that none of them are allowed to feel safe and secure in a country where we brag about how

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Fimfiction Reading Shipping · 2:50am Nov 18th, 2015

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