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For me, the Force won't awaken until spring. · 12:50am Nov 18th, 2015

I've decided to wait until the new Star Wars movie hits video/On Demand instead of going to see it at the theater like I originally planned. For a number of reasons.

I've made my disdain for movie theaters plain in the past, so I won't rehash the problems specific to movie theaters I have.

Instead, I'll enumerate the factors that led to this decision.

1. Paris. What happened in Paris this past weekend rattled me. Quite frankly, any highly anticipated public event anywhere in the Free World is a potential risk for something like that, and you never really know where something like that might happen. It doesn't always have to be in some big city or some famous landmark.

2. The Colorado TDKR shooting a few years back. That unfortunate incident, and other movie theater shootings since, have proven that there is no such thing as a town safe from random violence. I hadn't even heard of the town in Colorado where that happened until it happened, and a highly anticipated movie premiere like The Force Awakens is going to be a dangerous thing in terms of potential psychotic rampages. Our local mall is too cheap to add security to its ten screens, and the way the "theater" is laid out is the least secure movie theater layout anywhere, so...yeah. It doesn't take radical terrorists to shoot up a popular movie, and it doesn't even have to be opening night. It just takes one jackass with a head full of bad wiring to cause a tragedy.

3. Crowd noise. I hate crowd noise, and during winter break with lots of kids around, it's ever so much worse.

So after having carefully considered all of the potential pros and cons for going to see The Force Awakens at the movie theater in December...

I'll wait until the Spring home video/digital release.

I'll probably have the entire movie spoiled for me by then, but I think I can live with that.

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Comments ( 25 )

I'm going in my Clone Trooper MK II costume. It's not bulletproof but I'll chance it up here in Canada where not everyone and their mothers possesses a machine gun.

I think we can all agree the Paris attacks have shaken us pretty bad.

3549233 I hate it when people overgeneralize America. I really do. :unsuresweetie:

3549237 Paris is the new 9/11, yeah.

Good things come to those who wait.

At least you will see the movie eventually. Just not right away.

3549263 Which is how I see pretty much every new movie, so the only difference here is the mega-event level of the movie in question.

3549233 You know, I live in America and I don't know anyone in my ring of friends who owns a gun. Stop the stereotypes.

I'll probably hold off seeing it immediately and wait a few days, maybe even a week. Either way I'm hoping I don't get stuck with rowdy idiots.
*knocks on wood*

3549267 Yeah, this is going to be a huge release.

Honestly; I am more excited for November 3rd, 2017. So sue me.

I'm pretty lucky, I don't have anyone who spoils anything in my group of friends on Facebook. And yeah, those first two points are pretty unnerving, especially since Irving was one of the cities that got attacked. Personally, though, I'm going back this Friday. I saw The Peanuts Movie the night of the Paris attacks and I want to spend an evening actually enjoying the memory of it.


Jokes, guys. It's just so cold in my igloo. Must be low on whale oil.

3549368 One point with that is that any fully auto firearm is technically prohibited, which means you have to have a prohibited licsence to use. Which is only given to military or para-military people.

Otherwise I do agree with your statement of being angry at the fellow for over-generalizing america. Overall I believe we have about the same gun crime relative to America (taking into account that vastly different population sizes).

To note most gun crime is done by an illegally obtained firearm.

I apologize for my earlier remarks. I wasn't trying to offend anyone.

3549414 It's okay. To be fair, I edited the original version of this blog post for exactly the same reason (realized the original post would probably offend someone on point #3).


Guess we're both pretty good backpedallers, huh? :twilightsheepish:

And yeah, those Paris attacks were fucked up and a great example of how screwed up people can get over ideals.

3549263 While that is true, especially in regards to new MLP stuff (since the in-between season hiatuses have been increasing in length), this is one thing that I, personally, absolutely cannot wait for.
Heck, when one of the latest trailers came out, my only thought was, "I want this movie out yesterday".
And me, my father, and my mother have had our tickets pre-purchased for a couple of weeks now.

However, I do understand Mythril's decision, and I don't begrudge him for it.

I can't blaim you for your decision, but you shouldn't allow the concerns about the possibility of a shooting incident or a terrorist attack keep you from going out and having fun. That's what the terrorists want, they want to see us crippled with fear and hatred.

Dang it, now you have me concerned that something ugly might happen in my city. And if something does happen, the Movie Theatre bussiness might be in deep trouble...

3549550 It's actually the tipping factor on top of a massive pile of other reasons I don't go to movie theaters. Even if movie theaters were guaranteed 100% safe there was always a 50% chance I wouldn't see this one in theaters. Overpriced tickets and concessions, transportation issues, and crowd noise are the main reasons I never go to the movies anymore. It's just that in this day and age, now you have to worry about being shot while you're trying to enjoy a movie.

And this is why I enjoy being British.
No, seriously, the last movie I saw was Friendship Games, and that only cost me £5 ($7.50 ish), we brought our own food in which the cinema was fine with (Vue cinemas), and there is quite literally a zero percent chance of a movie being attacked.
Granted, the relative ease of getting to and from France is quite a daunting thing, because I mean what's to say the terrorists WON'T go next door and try to attack one of the world's superpowers?
But, I digress, for I live far away from the capital.

3549414 Beh, that happens. Personally, I've done it loads of times. You're OK.

3549285 But are you excited for Thor Ragnarok or the MLP movie?

3551081 Why not both? The later more. I like Marvel, but it's too tedious to follow.

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