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Maxes Altho

Honor. Courage. Commitment. Everyone should strive to abide by these three ideals.

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    New Story

    I'm sorry...
    The Best Day

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    Happy two-year brony-versary to me...
    Nothing to show for it, except yes, I'm still alive.

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    Does anyone care?

    Do people still like this, or has it fallen into the deepest recesses of everyone's libraries?

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    I'm sorry

    Jesus, I really wrote that, didn't I?
    *le sigh* I'll admit, I'm not always the most stable of individuals. Anyone who knows me probably thinks I'm pretty much a rock, but that's only the exterior. Inside, I've got so much shit going on that I'm surprised I'm not being checked.

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  • 209 weeks
    I'm fucking done

    That's all there is to say.
    I quit.
    I refuse to keep creating mediocre shit on this dumbass website and having thousands of ideas running through my fucking brain and they lead nowhere.
    I'm unpublishing all but a select few of my stories. I jut fucking give up.

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Sudden Realization · 3:04pm Nov 17th, 2015

*looks at top of user page seeing as I'm too lazy to figure out how to screencap*
Holy mother of balls.
I have now been a member of FimFic for exactly one year. Wow.
:pinkiesmile: Party?
I dunno, Pinkie. I'm just a guy doing stuff he likes to do.
*le sigh* okay.

Report Maxes Altho · 206 views · #Party
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