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  • 227 weeks
    New page style

    Also, the site dont allows me to edit my post, 500 internal server error or what.
    I meant less than 1/3 of the pic visible. Thank you.

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  • 227 weeks
    New page style

    I dont have problems with the new style more with the new contents of it. :applejackconfused: I miss the charecter icons, and stating the character names with the tags is a bit chaotic....
    That reminds me! knighty, we need a discord emoji at last!!!!

    Also while browsing the author avatars sticking out to the left, leaving more than 1/3 piece of the pic on the screen. Or its just me?

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  • 293 weeks
    Wich pony would you choose?

    Yeah, i seed some cool plushies on EQD, in the occasion of Derpy Day and as looked thorugh the plushie complimitations, i founded a really cool Snowdrop plushie with a dark hoodie, and i fell love with it at first sight. I researched on it and founded the one who maked it and it seems it that you can order from him/her(forgetted name sorry and dont know gender) , its totally awesome! But the fly

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  • 296 weeks
    The Hunt begins!!!

    Beware, writers of FIMFiction! Ebony Lock dusted the Bookshelf's of the Infinite Library and its due time to fill 'em to the brim!

    No fiction is safe from me! I will read it and if it hit the quality, I will mercilessly add it to my collection! :moustache:

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  • 303 weeks
    Happy Holidays!

    I wish a very happy Xmas/Hearthwarming eve to everypony!!! :pinkiesmile:

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How i became a fan · 8:01am Nov 16th, 2015

I have watched MLP since the first episode that was aired in my Country, but i was not a really a fan since i just watched and liked it.
Then a little more than half a year ago i stumbled into a fic reading, The Bride of Discord, by disneyfanatic and i LOVED it. I searched for more readings, till i have founded under the Curse of Werepony a link that pointed here :pinkiehappy: Until now i readed the fanfics since a half year and not long ago i have registered too .

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