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Cipher Akemi

reality is an illusion the universe is a hologram buy gold bye

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  • 179 weeks
    need terrazine...

    i have so many important essays due...
    and i am kinda stuck...
    need terrazine

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  • 179 weeks
    and yet another name change

    to celebrate release of Alarak as Co-opt commander in Starcraft I have changed my name to his highlordship!

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  • 181 weeks
    I'm going to do HG Nuzlock challenge

    I been watching MandJTV nuzlock videos and I've decided to do HG Nuzlocke challenge... and I might post some progress on this blog.

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  • 183 weeks
    yet ANOTHER name change

    just letting people know after watching Suicide Squad I've decided to change my username YET again to Deadshot- my Favourite character in Suicide Squad.


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  • 192 weeks
    bored... decided to watch familiar of Zero

    I heard a lot of things about this anime...
    some saying it is good ( and seems to have a lot of fandom)
    while others saying it is generic ecchi fantasy anime and main character ( louis) is annoying as hell
    and curiosity finally got better of me and i decided to watch first season of it...
    hopefully I won't regret it.
    It can't be worse than Ace Attorney anime right?

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Remember France · 11:50pm Nov 14th, 2015

Remember French brotheran... in this time of darkness... in this time of sadness... you are not alone!

support from Kiwis in New Zealand!

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