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Beyond the Borderlands Q&A #4!!! · 4:55pm Nov 13th, 2015

Hey guys! Guess who's back online at last!

Boy, did it take some time doing. And some sacrifice. Most of which was done by one of my roommates who has a better knowledge of networks than I. But at long last I'm settled in a new place that has all of the basic life necessities! It's like a dream come true.

So I'm exaggerating a little. But only a little.

So, to celebrate, and because I couldn't do this when Beyond the Borderlands actually finished, I'm hereby announcing the fourth Beyond the Borderlands Question & Answer session!

So, here's how it works. You guys have until Sunday to ask whatever questions you want of me about Beyond the Borderlands or The Dusk Guard Saga. And this time, I do mean whatever questions. You can ask about what my favorite chapter was to write, if I'd planned for something, etc. You can ask about the characters or the immortals. You can ask about stuff in the end of the story that would have earlier been a spoiler. Even upcoming plans for the series. Anything.

Now, I won't promise that I'll answer everything. If you're asking questions about Hunter/Hunted, don't expect a full plot synopsis with spoilers. I'm not going to give away some things. But I will answer questions as best I can.

Obviously, spoilers will abound both in the questions here and in the big answer post. I'll put up a warning, but if you're still reading through the series, you might want to skip out reading any comments here or the answer post if you're still reading through the series.

Remember, bold your questions so it's easy for me to see them when I switch windows, and you'll get answers on Monday.

It's good to be back!

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How are you so awesome?

Good to have you back! Now for a couple questions:

Once you get back to horse words after completing one or more of your original fiction projects (super stoked about Colony, by the way), should we expect some more side stories like you made after Rise, or do you plan to go straight to work on Wrath of Kaan Hunter/Hunted?

About where on the show's timeline would Hunter/Hunted take place? Has a certain lavender unicorn earned her wings by this point? If so, would Twilight be made privy to the nature and dealings of the Dusk Guard as a reigning princess of the realm?

Looking forward to this Q&A. They're always a blast.

Is Kaan going to be the Big Bad?

Will the Violet Heart ever play an antagonistic role? If so, will it be against Blade?

Will Barnabus stay dead?

Why doesn’t Hain want to see Primetail? Is Hain “legally dead” or something like that? If so, how does that work?

What is the Smooze in the Dusk Guard Universe? Does this Universe have a name (to differentiate it from other universes)?

Will the Dusk Rogues/Dusk Guard recruit anybody during or before the next installment?
Do the Dusk Rogues get any cool stuff like a permanent base of operations or iconic armor?
Is Anubis actually dead or is he still alive so that what's her name can experiment on him?
What was the name of the immortal Diamond Dog, what did he/she represent and what happened to him/her?
What about the Dragon Immortal?
Are changelings going to play a role?
Why does Kaan want to kill all immortals?


what's your take on the griffon empire portrayed in mente materia,
and also
How difficult was it to remember what each word in Sabra's native tongue was, aside from hakuna matata?

Will Ahuizotl be appearing in the future?

What are Ahuizotl's true limits when he's not playing by any rules?

Is it common knowledge that Ahuizotl the immortal roams the world, or is it not really well known?

Were Kyr & Reus, the immortal griffin brothers, inspired by Celestia & Luna, the immortal Alicorn sisters?

Will there be Dusk Rogues side stories?

What was your favorite chapter to write?

I absolutely loved Beyond the Borderlands! I can't to wait read Hunter/Hunted!:pinkiehappy:

Will there be further crossovers between Dusk Guards and its sequels/spinoffs and Arad's Mente Materia?

I only have two questions:

1. in the side stories, when you wrote one for dawn triage, she finds out something about Nova Beam, but then...thats it...she found "something" about him, but I never figured out what! it's been driving this fan craaazy. I assumed I'd see it answered in the sequel, but...well no it wasn't because the sequel wasn't about them(it was about Bladechaser WHO IS AWESOME)

can you please tell me either A> what the big thing was, or B> if it will be brought up in another of your stories?

2. How OLD is Blade chaser? reading her made her feel anywhere from thirty to forty five years old, but then she acts like she's nineteen.....I was merely curious where you imagined her to be.

will there be giant robots?

When is the official release date for Hunter/Hunted?

Will both the Dusk Rouges and Dusk Gaurd have a Role in Hunter/Hunted?:rainbowderp:

Have you thought of any adventures any of your characters would go on but can't in writing form due to one reason or another?

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