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My Life As My Ironically Bad OC is going on hiatus · 11:25am Nov 13th, 2015

Sorry for the light spamming beforehand, but I can only tag one story at a time with these things.

Given that I honestly thought I'd have Dark Horse done back in January, I think its time to wake up and smell the long since fetid corpse of that self-imposed dead-line.

I will be returning to Ironic and my other longer stories, but right now I need to get Dark Horse out of my system, and it seems its going to take long enough a hiatus is the most honest thing towards you guys.

Thank you so much for your patience, it means a lot to me. :raritywink:

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Well... I'm technically following you for SA... So I can't say I'm all that torn up about it.


I know how hard it is to put some things on hiatus.



I don't think you're going to be very happy with my next blog-post.

Still, thanks for the understanding. Yeah, I'm not doing this lightly, but my muse has just gotten so entrenched with Dark Horse I just can't do anything else justice right now, and I'd rather be honest about that.

Meanwhile, Appletank suffers withdrawal.
Oh well, time to reread behind the scenes crap again.

Or I can finish art, work on Diaries, write my crappy R2 vs Jar Jar fic.

Or homework. I think that's important.

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