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Hilarious Conan/Haibara Moments · 6:36am Nov 12th, 2015

Interactions between Conan and Haibara are frequently comedy gold. These two incidents in particular are especially hilarious:

Context: Conan found out Haibara is carrying around a number of capsules of the temporary antidote on her person, and tries to get her to cough one up. When she refuses, he gets a little...insistent. Haibara deals with the situation in the way only a girl can.

Context: Haibara's being a turd. Conan's being an even BIGGER turd.

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Comments ( 2 )

The videos are the same. I mess that up a lot too

3537387 I didn't mess anything up. The videos are two completely different videos. They're not even the same LENGTH.

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