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SITREP #00004 · 5:54pm Nov 11th, 2015

It's everything they promised, and much, much more.

Took a sick day and stayed home to celebrate my unhealthy holiday including, but not limited to, a fourteen-hour binge of Fallout 4. It would've been fifteen hours, but Steam had to unpack it after the pre-load. It probably took half an hour I think to unpack the 28.12 GB, but because this is the only time I've payed attention to unpacking, I have no idea if that's good or bad according to modern PC standards.

Of course i'll be taking a break from writing the Stryker story to enjoy Fallout and give my creativity core a rest, I was starting to feel my writing get dry there for a while. I'm sure many of your are playing the game yourselves instead of reading fanfiction, so I doubt this'll be a big concern to most of you.

One more thing, found this image of a German astronaut while doing research for an essay today. It'll be substituting for my SITREP'ly screenshot. Enjoy, Sheriff out.

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