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Hello, I'm a writer and fan reader of Fallout Equestria. nice to meet you all ^^

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editor needed for fallout equestria: shooting star · 2:32pm Nov 11th, 2015

well i have started to release my fallout equestria side story "shooting star" so far it's un-edited, not proof read and is submissable to minor or serious change at any time. But still would always love feedback. if you couldn't tell by traditionally having fallout equestria in the title like all other's, it's to honor kkat and her story that started this, i know i was inspired to write a story after reading the original. anyway i'll do a rough edit and will update older chapter's as i go or if there is any major changes so yep.

So far i have uploaded the first chapter which will not be unacceptable to change, only editing, before i can and will upload any more they will need to be edited.

still looking for a proof reader, editor.

anyway, enjoy :pinkiehappy:

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I don't mind helping out.


thanks ^^

just message me

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