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A Tale of Two Stories · 4:03am Nov 11th, 2015

And yes, one of them is The Blue Rose.

First, I had elected to participate in Rage Review's monthly "F*** THIS PROMPT" contest. The prompt in question this month was the following:

There is an new, seventh Element of Harmony.

If you frequent this site, I'm sure you know how well this usually turns out.

For me, though-- this was something I always wanted to do. My theoretical Seventh Element of Harmony is Forgiveness, and is to be possessed by Sunset Shimmer. Even though Equestria Girls isn't technically canon, at least to the show writers, they have tied in at at least one point:

Flash Sentry, Twilight's Kingdom Part 1

And if the season 5 finale is going to go the way I think it's going to go, then Twilight will disappear through the Crystal Mirror at the very end, to run into her human counterpart.

Anyway, I took that and spun it into a story. Currently unpublished, but I may submit it if there's enough demand. (No guarantee it'll go through, though.)

It is called The Greatest Archæological Find. Rated Everyone, and tagged with Adventure, Human, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Princess Luna, and Sunset Shimmer.

Oh, and the other thing: I should've told you this earlier, dear reader, but I forgot.

I've submitted The Blue Rose to Equestria Daily.

I don't know how fast the turnaround is for their prereaders, but I'm anxious to hear back from them-- whether they'll accept it (hopefully), or point out some errors (which I may or may not correct, depending), or reject it altogether and give it a strike (malbona).

Good night, and good luck.

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