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Star Wars Collab · 7:22pm Nov 10th, 2015

Ruby and I are still working on it. Just slow on my part cause of work. But I'll post our intro

A Long Time ago in a Galaxy far far away.

Pony Wars

Knights of the Old Equestria

Six thousand years before the rise of The Tirek Empire, Equestria is on the brink of collapse. Darth Shade, the last surviving apprentice of Darth Revan has unleashed a massive armada of Sith warships on an unsuspecting galaxy.

Crushing all before him, Shade’s forces have all but destroyed the Jedi Order. Many brave knights fall in battle while many more pledge to serve their dark master.

In the skies above the outer rim world of Taris, as small Jedi battle group engages Shade’s fleet, in an effort to halt his move for galactic domination.

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Comments ( 4 )

Yay a KOTR story!

3533920 and added to the thread I did

3533921 What do you think of the intro?

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