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Sonic Boom TV series...is getting a 2nd Season!?! · 3:44am Nov 10th, 2015

So, the game was utter horse shit, we who have seen or - very sadly - played it will know this fact.

But the TV show Sonic Boom has been very much the opposite. While Sonic fans everwhere despise the Sonic Boom game, they all shout out in praise for the CGI animated cartoon version. And seriously I don't blame them.

The Sonic Boom show is actually quite funny. It's got that cheesy charm to it that Sonic in the past had, plus it does a better job at defining the characters WAAAAAY better than the game did. We've got a number of villains throughout the first season, but Eggman has remained the central bad guy, with the others stepping in from time to time.

There's quite a lot of fourth wall breaking, and a lot of the time it's actually hilarious how aware these characters ca get. There's even one episode that not only parodies an Inception moment, but it goes as far as to show a 'real life' Sonic - basically a guy dressed in a Sonic suit - but once you see the episode the joke will hit you and it works.

And none of the characters are annoying! I thought Sticks would get irritating after a while, but no! She's a delightfully paranoid character who makes a lot of random quips at times, but her paranoia makes her a great comical character in most situations with her randomness, like thinking the government is watching her through potted plants, or thinking her breakfast cereal is plotting to kill her.

Here's what I think is the second-to-last episode for Season One of Sonic Boom. Seriously, do not judge the show by the awful game. This show is the Sonic Boom that the video game only wishes it could have been. Then again the show had a lot more love and attention and effort put into it.

Also, I hear that Starlight Glimmer is coming back soon.

You all know how I feel about clopfics? Well, I'm willing to change my mind on them for a clopfic that has Starlight Glimmer raped like a little slut by massively endowed Diamond Dogs and Manticores and whatever large creatures exist.

Because I despise Starlight Glimmer. Bitch trying to bring equality like she did. We're born to be different! I'm amazing because I'm not like any of you, just as all of you are amazing because you're not like me or each other. You're all your own selves, and we as ourselves are amazing people. What Starlight Glimmer did in her debut episodes; that goes against everything I believe in when it comes to being different.

At the very least, I want to see her thrown in a jail cell. At the most, I want her in a jail cell where she'll make a decent snack for sex-driven Changelings...and that Manticore I pre-ordered just for her.

Oh, and the Ebay shop is going to need just a LITTLE bit more time. There was an error regarding the packaging forms. I have to find somebody else to sell me some poster cylinders so I can ship my posters off safely. I aim to be up and running before the end of this month, so put your wallets away for now, folks. I know you're excited but calm the eff down. Especially you, Officer Hot Pants and Normal and Rotorix. Sheesh, I can hear your fangirl screams...and OHP and Normal are just as loud. :)

Okay, it's three in the morning here in the land of tea-sipping pansies, so I'll see you all soon later. Peace out, I love you all guys and gals. Be safe and many good fortunes to your family and friends and all loved ones!

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A good Sonic TV show? That's pretty cool.

3532931 The other Sonic shows were pretty good. Heck, it was Sonic X that made me a Sonic fan in the first place.

I gotta see that "Real Life" Sonic scene.

3532959 Sonic X wasn't bad at all, I didn't personally like Sonic Underground and then there was Sonic Satam, which I've heard is good, but aside from that there was also The Adventures of Sonic. . .

3532931 I was worried about Knuckles being a total idiot at first, but now it's growing on me. And he's actually quite funny with his delusions of being better than Sonic. Sonic's comedy comes from him being snarky and Knuckles comes from him fantasizing and being clumsy.

Go watch the episode 'Fire In A Crowded Workshop'. Knuckles is really good in that one. The way he calls Sonic his 'clumsy second-banana' kills me.

Well, the show is okay (not great, but okay. IMHO), I suppose.

The biggest gripe that I have with it (and the comic book of the same name) is what they did to Knuckles, who is my No. 1 fave of the Sonic universe. (Sorry, Blur Blue, but for me, it's Rad Red FTW!)
And that is that they turned him into a muscle-bound, brainless idiot! That's not the way that Knux is! He's smart! Really smart, and dedicated to his duty as a Guardian.
I don't see that in this show.

3532989 The Adventures of Sonic was alright. But could get obnoxiously annoying at times. Scratch's laugh could get irritating after a while, and Sonic always sounded sarcastic to me.

3533000 LOL, I'll definitely check it out.

3533004 Yeah, that's true. I thought Scratch and grounder were always pretty memorable though, I can still remember that chicken robot's laugh to this day.

3532989 I actually rather enjoyed Sonic Underground.
As for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, it's another fun little series.

I liked the Sonic Boom game. I don't get what is so bad about. It doesn't have nearly as many glitches as '06 (another game I love), so what is the big deal? Yes, there might be some graphical errors in the cutscenes and some transitions may not be as smooth as they could be, but are they really that bad that they throw you off of the gameplay and story? I don't think it did. I thought it was one of the better Sonic games. And I'm not saying I really "hate" the new designs per-say, I just like the older ones better.

3533016 Alright, that's pretty cool. I'm not a huge Sonic fan. . . I do love some of the games though.

3533037 Funnily enough I'm more into the shows than the games.
I've only played a few, and all of them were on the DS.

3533003 Well, true. But I think what the show had in mind was how gullible Knuckles could be at times. The actual Knuckles was easily tricked by Eggman, after all.

But if you think about it, even though they dumbed down Knuckles in this show, at least he gets most of the best funny lines and moments. Look at that Super Saiyan moment of his!

Fun Fact - that aforementioned Super Saiyan moment was actually a reference to the infinite jump glitch Knuckles could use in the Sonic Boom game!

So Kunckles ain't smart no mores. I miss the old Knuckles, but...in a strange way, the new Knuckles...does appeal to me because it's kinda more befitting of his character. Plus, Knuckles isn't even a total idiot at times, and he's even shown to be able to play the piano very well, and he builds birdhouses. So he's not as incompetent as some might think.

But of course, it's a matter of preference at the end of the day. I'm just saying that I'm warming up to the new Knuckles, because although he took one thing from him, they at least put something back to balance him out. Comedy, in this case.

3533041 Ah, I've only played four, two for the DS one for the gameboy and one on a playstation 2.

3533003 Also, if he's so smart, why is he leaving the Master Emerald in every game? I get the feeling that SEGA wanted to leave that idea behind for some time, sad as it would be because Sonic and Knuckles was an amazing game.

And how could it not be when Micheal Jackson composed most of the music? God bless that smooth criminal...

3533049 Ah.
Most of the ones I played were actually just ports of the first few games.

3533052 Oh yeah, make that five, I once played Sonic: Sacred Rings on the Wii or something like that. . .

Well, I'm willing to change my mind on them for a clopfic that has Starlight Glimmer raped like a little slut by massively endowed Diamond Dogs and Manticores and whatever large creatures exist.

I swear this exists somewhere...

3533053 I think that one was called Sonic and the Secret rings.

3533056 That's the one, I sucked horribly at it.

3533027 For me it was how empty the hub worlds were. Like the town when you eventually get there; it's so big and yet only a few people are there. Plus WHY ISN'T SONIC MOVING FAST? IF HE ISN'T MOVING FAST WHEN I WANT HIM TOO, AND I NEED THE GAME TO TELL ME WHEN HE CAN MOVE FAST, IT ISN'T A SONIC GAME!

Running at the speed of sound? I was moving at the speed of ground!

But still, if you liked it, that's fair enough. I didn't, but that's my opinion. You obviously saw something to enjoy in the game, so I respect that.

3533058 I don't think I ever even played demos of that one.
The only ones that I've played that weren't redone versions of earlier games are Sonic Colors and Sonic Rush Adventure

3533078 Yeah, I've played one reboot of an old sonic game where you can play as amy, tails, sonic, and knuckles, I only got to the point where I fought against Metal Sonic though.

3533043 Good point.

And to each their own, I suppose.

3533050 Ummm, to that, I wouldn't know, as I've never played any of the Sonic games. So I'll have to take your word on that one, I'm afraid.

Really? Did not know that.

3533058 I found it easy, but then I'v always had a knack for adapting to video game mechanics rather quickly.

3533003 So I just thought of something...

Watch the video in my post. At the end when Knuckles and Charlie ave the fight, Knuckles DID something smart; he used that waste bin lid to direct the laser back at Charlie's mech.

So this suggests that Knuckles ISN'T a complete idiot.

In fact, I think he's probably done a few other clever things as well.

If only they've made a second season of Sonic SATAM back in the day...
And if only they didn't do the whole Genesis thing in Sonic comics (to make everything more 'politically correct' for the soccer moms who demand everything to fit in their dull world)...

3533149 I don't have that knack, as I had problems transferring my gameplay mechanics from MGS1, to MGS2, to MGS4.

3533115 Yeah, Micheal Jackson really composed the music.

I've watched... 8 episodes. There were two I liked - "Unlucky Knuckles" and one about a chili contest - and the other 6 were just... weird. I may need to go back sometime, because the two I liked I really liked, but otherwise it was just a little weird.

3533235 Granted, I agree that some episodes can be weird.

But I'll take that over that f**king Princess Elise any day of the week.

3533209 Cool.

I've always loves Michael's music.

Heck, I remember back when her was just a kid, singing with the Jackson 5.
(I also remember their cartoon, too.:raritywink:)

Man, he was a cute little shit back then.

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