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Gale Singer

Pony writer, and editor. Currently not looking for work, though I can make exceptions for quick work. PM me for fun! I often get bored between updates...

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  • 237 weeks

    Holy hell. This site has the BEST 404 page.
    Never have I been so happy to hit this page.

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  • 241 weeks
    What happen?

    152 Stories on my Tracking shelf, 160 total in the Tracking category.
    And yet, only one update today...
    What happened?
    Did everypony die?

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  • 247 weeks

    ===Work in progress===2/1/16
    Will be online editing for the next few hours.
    Will remove this before I go to bed.
    Will also post progress reports here.

    >SWLGOS 2 Chapters At Least. [1/2], will finish second chapter next.
    >Guest Chapter Draft, For IAGA, Generated ideas, will be looking to create draft next.

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  • 247 weeks
    My New Years Resolutions...

    1) Catch up on editing work
    I'm really far behind on this, so catching up is at the top of my To-Do List
    2) Write that guest chapter for CrossRedstone's story
    Crossy's getting antsy. Sorry Crossy.
    3) Write original story(?)
    Only once I catch up, and subject to whether or not I can actually write it.

    Current status:
    I am God... Apparently? [9/11] 2 more to go!

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    Whelp, that's torn it...

    Hey guys, you may have noticed a lack of activity here. Let me explain-when I edit people's work, I follow some strict guidelines. This is probably because I'm a little ocd at times, but what can you do?

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Progress Report: So We're Like... Goddesses or Something? · 8:29am Nov 9th, 2015

Hello everypony, Gale Singer here
I'm just blogging to say that after a lot of time (and procrastination on my part, not gonna lie) the second chapter of my ongoing project with CrossRedstone (So We're Like... Goddesses or Something) is up!!
You can find it at this location.
Revisions made to the original unedited include the usual grammar fixes, rewordings and typo removal, (you know, all that stuff which bothers me) but it also includes a major perspective shift that just had to be rewritten...
You guys have no idea how much that bit has really annoyed me! So I'm glad it's been fixed.
So now there's an entirely new scene!
I'm really excited about this because I wrote the scene!
And now I'm finishing every sentence with a !
Can you tell I'm excited?!
*Ahem* So yeah. Read the story. Let me know how I did!

Current Progress:
So We're Like... Goddesses or Something [2/5]
I am God... Apparently? [9/10]
You Can't Help Who You Love [UP TO DATE]

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