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    Yeah, I know, Thanksgiving isn't for another couple of days, but I'm thinking about it now.

    For a lot of us Thanksgiving is a day where we watch a huge parade, gorge ourselves, and watch football. Well, I don't do the football part. I spend the whole day cooking with my wonderful girlfriend, only to eat the product of a whole day's labor in about fifteen minutes.

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    First off, I noticed the writer. Gillian M. Berrow. Gee. I wonder who that is. :ajbemused: No, I'm excited about it, really. She deserves it.

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A New Canon · 2:44am Nov 9th, 2015

Yeah, this is about Star Wars. I've been reading the Star Wars books off and on since I was a teenager. Shut up. Anyway, I haven't read all of the hundreds of books that were once considered the Extended Universe. I'd even be flattering myself if I said I had read many of them. Still, I had mixed feelings when they announced that with The Force Awakens (coming out next month! w00t!) they would be scrapping all of the expanded universe (which around the time of the prequels GL said weren't canon anyway), and they would be starting a new book canon.

I know a lot of fans got pretty outraged about that. Mostly the ones who have entire bookshelves devoted to Star Wars literature that have invested thousands of dollars in the books and have been reading them since Timothy Zahn put out the Heir to the Empire trilogy like, 20 years ago. As for myself, I've got mixed feelings about it, since at one time, I had planned to read all of the expanded universe in chronological order. Admittedly, since they started the new canon, that task won't be so daunting, but I think back on the books I read when I was younger and I understand how all of those outraged fans feel. Sure, some of them were very little more than glorified fanfiction. Hell, all of them were, technically speaking, and there were some books I didn't like, such as The Crystal Star, The Courtship of Princess Leia, and pretty much anything by Barbra Hamilton (OMG... none of the recent books are on that list, not because they're good but because I haven't even read them.

But then there's the other part of me that's relieved. I can catch up now. And there's the part of me that understands that in order to make these new movies, they have to scrap the EU, which filled in all that history itself, unless they planned on making the new movies based on the novels, which, let's face it, Disney would never do.

I just had to get this off my chest. I still don't even know how to feel about it. I love Star Wars. I loved the prequels, and I know I'm gonna love the new movie, and I know that if I give it a chance, I'll probably love the new TV series, the books, and the comics that they're putting out to compliment it.

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