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I do nothing of merit. On occasion, I give the impression of being creative, but this is a deception. I am merely derivative in clever ways.

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    Dropping in to try and find some art

    So my hard drive bricked back in the fall, and I finally replaced my computer with the stimulus money. But I don't really have a good way to try and recover the stuff that was on there, so that sucks.

    But, I was hoping for some help in finding one particular bit of pony art that I haven't been able to dig up again since then.

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    a brief summary of my life the past few months

    June 17: I wreck my car.
    July 5: My cousin I grew up with dies after an extended illness.
    July 26: Neighbors threaten to sue us over payment for repairs they did on a shared driveway, wind up paying them over $1,000.
    August 15: Dropped my phone and busted the screen.

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    Welp, that's just... everything fucked, I guess

    So back around June 20, I wrecked my car.

    Then back on August 28, the tires on my wife's car got torn up hitting something on the road, and we wound up needing all new tires.

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    I don't think my cat likes my work

    So it's been a struggle to write anything, for various reasons, but I *was* trying to get back onto Legacy Ch 4 not long ago.

    Then today I was sitting at the table and started hearing faint tearing noises from behind me. I turned around and discovered that somehow my rough draft had wound up on the floor and the cat had done this:

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  • 62 weeks
    Random Encounter

    This was a fun moment. Choppy cause I had to remove a bunch of game speech commands and the usual bit of racist shit-talking.

    Also this was before I found out Scribbler did another reading of my stuff. I would have probably said that instead of RCL.

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There's always one · 11:48pm Nov 8th, 2015

So, my son is a toddler, so he doesn't eat all that much candy. Thus we're only now getting down into his halloween bucket.

And every neighborhood has that one family...

And a bonus, here's his costume. Yes, I made the train thing.

Report Rinnaul · 215 views · #halloween #religion #kids
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Comments ( 7 )

If I ever move from my current house, the last year there I'm going to give out full-sized candy bars to the kids, and little airplane bottles of liquor to the adults. That way whoever buys the house next, will get to see nothing but looks of disappointment the next Halloween.

Author Interviewer

So wait, he just wandered around inside a cardboard train all night? Because that's awesome. :D

Clearly giving out Jesus instead of candy is appreciated in a community where most people are already christian and don't need to be told twice. Yes. This is the best choice.

Also, I love that you built that for your son. It's adorable.

p.s. I am stealing those doughnuts.

For about 10 minutes at a time, then he had to get out and run around for 10 minutes. Then he'd want back in again. Toddlers.

It came from the family who started their own church in their front yard because none of the local congregations were nutty enough for them. Yes, in rural West Virginia.

Is that a Thomas the Tank engine I spy? I daresay, you and your son have exquisite tastes.


Have you ever considered a career as an evil genius?


... sounds about right. And that's how christianity came to have more denominations than all other religions on the planet combined. :derpytongue2:

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