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Heart in the Clouds! · 10:21pm Nov 8th, 2015

No, not the cheeapter of Starlight Sorrow, unfortunately. It's the song I wrote.

Heart in the Clouds, by Jaydove

(Ohh woah oh oh)
My Belle, are you even there to hear?
(Ohh woah oh oh)
I fell, and there's nothing left, I fear
(Where did I go?)
Through Hell, and then right out of the blue
(How would I know?)
To spell it out, this is all I knew:
I've got my heart in the clouds for you!

I've been a lost soul
Travelling the Star Road
Searching for the Pieces but they couldn't be found
Till I saw a light there
Clearing up my nightmare
I looked to the moon but it wasn't around


I fell asleep then
In a state of deep zen
Shining like a star 'cause nowhere else has greater crowds
The sun shines to new days
Breaking dawn in two ways
But I'll stay at rest 'cause I've got my heart in the clouds


You dear are too kind
Might I ask "are you blind?"
'Cause if you could see you'd know that I'm reaching out
If I must explain more
I might go insane for
You till you know that you're all I can think about


(I've got my heart in the clouds for you)

Hope you love it as much as I loved writing it!

Here's a video of it, but... it's not very good. Think you can make a better one? You probably can, and I'll need it so that people can properly hear it.

Comments ( 12 )

I need to hear someone sing it.

3530170 I will when I get the chance.

3530173 I'll listen to it when you post that in a blog post.

This is absolutely lovely.

3532972 Thank you. I wrote it for a friend I thought I was in love with, but... I guess I'm still missing a piece. (One of the ones that couldn't be found on the Star Road in the song.) She's more like a sister than a girlfriend to me anyway, so... I accept that my heart may have been sending my brain mixed signals. Until we meet again, farewell!

I can totally understand what you mean, and I respect you for being able to figure it out on your own. Cheers, my friend!

3532994 Salut! (Drinks Root Beer) To good friends!

Salut! And cheers to good friends, and new ones, too!

3533012 You made a rhyme! (The "t" in "salut" is silent, as it's a French word)

Oooooh yeah! Lookit that! Nice catch. :twilightsmile:

That was an amazing song! thank you for sharing it (even though I'm really late in saying this so sorry).

3606093 No need to apologise. Lateness is what I love about you. All of you! (It gives me more free time)

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