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    Hey guys, it's been a while. I'll keep a long and uninteresting story short. I needed a break, not really from writing, but from life in general. Writing was just one of the many things that had taken a seat during my reprieve. However, things have been getting better over the past two months and I think the time I've taken to myself has been more than long enough. I understand if some of you may

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    I didn't want to make a new blog post ever again, seeing as it was at 117 blog posts :P Anyways, I have an update ready to go for chapter three of the Guardian rewrite. I also wanted to mention that I have taken the chapter title from chapter two and am giving it to chapter three instead, as chapter three did not get as far as I intended.

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    Hey guys and gals! Requiem here. I just spent my first night here at the University of North Dakota. The transition is going well, my roommate and I get along, and my schedule looks ok. The campus is pretty and there's lots to do, especially shopping, in Grand Forks. Not sure if I'm looking forward to the winter though. Snow is something I'm used to as a Minnesotan, but the legendary wind

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    Well, This Sucks

    Uh, I was all set to update tonight when suddenly...

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    You can expect to see this published sometime today :)

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Milestone · 4:11am Nov 8th, 2015

400 likes. Wow. You guys, I just want to thank all of you, whether you just read in passing, liked, faved, or even followed. Thank you. To me, this is incredible! I honestly can't say I expected this. I figured my more recent writing would possible get stats like this, but not my first ever fanfiction. I'm pretty busy, but I think I've found some incentive to keep going, to actually get off my ass and finish the chapter I have partially written. You guys are the best readers I could have ever asked for :)

What exactly did you guys like about the trilogy thus far? What drew you in? Something must have grabbed you if you were able to tolerate the rough pacing and the many other numerous issues with the first story. I'm genuinely curious. Lay it on me :trixieshiftright:

Again guys, thank you so much! Have some music.

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You've got the skills and talent of writing mate. The way you structured and wrote the story [All books] is what got my attention at first and after that, the plot. Don't beat yourself up about it not being good because it is! It's your first can fiction and we all have to start somewhere.

Overall, keep it up bro! Proud of you!

Guardian was one of, if not the first story I fully read on this site. I liked how you wrote and also how you made such an awesome original protagonist. That and you're an alright guy. :twilightsmile:

3529176 Ty man.
3529471 Well thanks XD I try to be a cool dude. As for Ale, he's going to be written a bit differently. He'll end up the same, but he's gotta have a different start point.

I think what drew me in at first was my love for halo and MLP:fim, and how it was written. When I first read this story. And even though I'm not really interested in the MLP franchise, I can still enjoy this trilogy. Just as long as you don't start bringing in things from season 5 and the Friendship Games movie, I'll be fine, since I haven't watched them.

3531391 Same XD I've only gotten to the Princess Spike episode. I'm just really lazy to make more of an effort to watch lol. I'll get to it when I get to it. Also, season 5 will not be involved at all in the trilogy. The second Ale rolled up in Equis, which was before season 4, all new canon in FIM was pretty much nullified for my story to progress.

3531812 Ok. but didn't this trilogy start between Season three and season 4?

3532611 Right, so no season 4 either, you had just specified season 5 :P

3532790 I know. but in Guardian, you stated twilight as a princess, so it takes place sometime between S3 and S4; since Twi became Twilicorn at the end of S3.

3532901 I don't even know where I'm going with this anymore, so I'm gonna stop. XD

3532901 I said before season 4. That's before season 4. We've been over this XD
3532902 oh lol, just saw this XD

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