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    So...I got this review...

    I post the MLP: FML series on both this site and fanfiction.net. I just got this review about an hour ago and, to be honest, I have no idea what the hell it's even talking about. I'm not even mad, just very...very confused.

    So here it is...in all it's unedited glory. Please enjoy, because I know I did:

    Alright. Some constructive criticism:

    What the hell was this?

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    MLP: FML Auditions

    For those that don't know, Caffeinated Pinkie is hard at work making an abridged series based on MLP: FML. And he needs your help.

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    Cover Art!

    Script has created a cover image for MLP: FML 2! And I posted it! And then I posted this blog post! Where I posted the art again! WHEN WILL THE MADNESS STOP?!

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    MLP: FML 2 is out!

    The sequel to MLP: FML is out now! Watch as Twilight and her friends interact with a character whose name starts with the letter 'D'.

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    Another Parody Project

    Do you like MLP: FML?
    What do you mean 'no'?

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Another Parody Project · 12:33am Nov 8th, 2015

Do you like MLP: FML?
What do you mean 'no'?
You'd rather read a parody of another series? What a coincidence! Those words I just put in your mouth relate to exactly what I was going to talk about! On my account at Fanfiction.net, I've started to write a parody about RWBY, which is unimaginatively titled RWBY: The Parody. If you're a fan of the humor in MLP: FML or a fan of RWBY, please check it out when you get the time.
What's that? This is just a shameless plug in order to get more people reading my stories? You're right, we need some solid advice on this post.

...That'll work...I guess?

Report Maniac92 · 506 views · Story: MLP: FML · #rwby #parody
Comments ( 6 )

I know not what this is

I've only seen the pilot, but it's something like the above comic. Which came out a few years before RWBY.

I can't even read it. I'm laughing too hard at the silhouettes. You are truly a god amongst men.

3528440 Watch it.
It's from Roosterteeth, on Youtube. You need to start with the trailers, it does in order Red, White, Black, Yellow.


Technically, Rooster Teeth only inherited it. It was originally the creation of Monty Oum, whose garnered assistance was mostly in the voice acting department. Sadly, Monty later died - his friends at Rooster Teeth picked up RWBY to continue it in his memory.

3529228 Yes, I know.
I've been a big fan of the series for some time now.

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