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An idea for a Detective Conan story. · 7:32pm Nov 7th, 2015

EDIT: Some people seem to be confused and think I'm talking about an MLP/Detective Conan crossover in this post. I'm not. This is entirely unrelated to MLP.

So I'm watching Detective Conan, as I've been doing every day this week, and something I started thinking about the other day bounced into my head and shook loose a plotbunny for a story.

Page break for those who don't give a shit about Detective Conan. And if that's you, then shame on you.

Fans of Detective Conan are familiar with "Hannin-san", the featureless, genderless black shadowy shape that stands in for the unknown culprit until they're revealed.

But what if the killer actually WAS Hannin-san?

A serial murder case appears, and Conan is perturbed by the seeming lack of evidence, definitive clues, or witnesses. There just doesn't seem to be anything linking anyone to any of the murders.

And then, by chance, Conan spots a black shape in the shadows, watching him. He gives chase, uses his watch light to illuminate the figure...

...only to discover that the shadowy figure is still shadowy and faceless. Hannin-san escapes, leaving Conan with the most bizarre, inexplicable mystery he's ever encountered:

A killer with no face and no gender.


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Comments ( 14 )

Not actually a fan of the anime, but I don't dislike it. That story idea is really intriguing, to be honest. I would read it.

Seems interesting.

On a different note, what would a pony based off of Shinichi be named? Vital Clue?

hm that would be interesting, but trying to pull off the actual crime will take some though. the ones in the conan series are so improbable sometimes.

I loved Conan when I was younger. Made me laugh for hours.

I once thought of doing a Detective Conan crossover. It would've been like the MLP/Pheonix Wright crossover where one of the Mane Six is accused of a crime and Twilight Summons the "greatest detective". She ends up summoning Jimmy Kudo/Conan

3527902 Not all the murders involve some bizarre, complicated murder trick. More often than not it's an alibi trick or a sealed room trick.

3527995 A very long-running anime/manga series. Look it up.


Sounds sort of like a crossover with the X-Files.

Well Detective Conan is the best detective anime/cartoon out there, and there are only two stories that come up when you search detective conan (as of this post) one is a one shot, the other seemingly abandoned. So go for it it sounds like a great idea

3529474 You...seem to not have actually read my post. I'm not talking about a crossover here, or anything I'll be posting to FiMF (at least, until it goes general fiction.)

Ah Sorry rushed through the post, it sounds like an interesting idea though

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