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Littlest Pet Shop Season 4 Premiere (SPOILERS) · 5:32pm Nov 7th, 2015

Season four of Littlest Pet Shop opens with some interesting revelations and new questions to answer, as well as touching on something that's been glossed over for the past three seasons:

Blythe's mom.

Blythe is agonizing over what she wants to do with the rest of her life. She's unsure of herself and has realized that lately, everything she's been doing has been pet-related. While she's venting to Youngmee, Vinnie overhears something out of context and gets the idea that Blythe is going to stop talking to the pets forever.

Meanwhile, a 150-year-old tortoise named Speedy Shelldon is dropped off at the day camp. Speedy is a little...addled, due to his advanced age, and doesn't always quite have the awareness of his surroundings he should. His memory is also a little hit-or-miss, but he does clearly remember a former owner, Betty Smith, who could also talk to pets.

I think we all know where THIS is going.

Anyway, over the course of the episode, Blythe discovers that her mother, Lauren, had the nickname "Betty" for some reason, and that her maiden name was Smith, and she used to own a tortoise.

Blythe's mom was able to talk to pets, just like she is.

After some wacky hijinks, Blythe discovers that Speedy has had her mom's journal hidden in his shell for years. Reading Betty's journal can help Blythe work through her own uncertainties...and help her connect with her mother in a way that's no longer possible.

Episode pretty much confirms Blythe's mom is dead.

Between the journal and some advice from Speedy, Blythe realizes that what she's going to do with her life isn't something she needs to worry about now, because the future is limitless, and life's distractions aren't keeping her from living her life, but rather making her life worth living.

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Comments ( 7 )

Definitely wasn't expecting the Mom bombshell. It was pretty obvious her mom was either dead or divorced, but they never seemed to really explore it.

I'm curious if the journal is going to be a reocurring theme throughout the season.

3527813 Looks like it will be.

3527857 I sure hope so. I'm also curious as to how this "Littlest Pet Street" project will pan out, seeing as this is the final season.

3527872 It's been confirmed as final season?

The episode truly made me wonder just what happened to Blythe's mom. I wouldn't doubt that it had something to do with animals, or an expedition gone wrong (Bermuda Triangle or lost colony kinda thing).

3527872 Is this really supposed to be the final season for Littlest Pet Shop? The show might not be as popular as Friendship is Magic, but it still gives Hasbro profit...

3528353 3528003 I believe a member of the show staff confirmed it.

What a way to start the last hurrah for LPS

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