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  • 353 weeks
    Soon™ is Now™.

    Expect more Horizon by Sunday, probably sooner.

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  • 377 weeks

    You ever get that feeling, when you feel like you can't write anything?
    No matter what or how you write, you feel like you need to go back over it, to rewrite it one more time?
    You ever have that feeling when you feel like whatever you write is utterly terrible?

    I think I'm going through a phase like that right now...

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  • 399 weeks
    The Son of Earth, Writing, and You

    So. This is my first time writing a blog post, and it's not going to be good news...

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Soon™ is Now™. · 2:33am Nov 7th, 2015

Expect more Horizon by Sunday, probably sooner.

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