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My life for Nightmare Moon!

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  • 5 weeks
    Will be lurking, and new art (not pony related).....

    With the end of My Little Pony, I have shifted back to anime. Yes, I still read fanfics here every now and then. Yes, I might do the occasional art request or two, but mainly i'll just be here lurking, waiting for new stories from my fave authors, and just reading up on what's new every now and then.

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  • 50 weeks
    Not dead.....

    Just the "I'm still lurking here' post. Still doing some art. Here's my latest work in progress (though its non-pony):

    A big salute to you if you know who that is :coolphoto:

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  • 76 weeks
    New sketch

    My Life For Nightmare Moon!

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  • 77 weeks
    Such a cutie!

    Loving the Kirins!

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  • 89 weeks
    Recent request

    Drew Lightning Dust as Weather Wizard

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Winter soon... · 10:18pm Nov 5th, 2015

It’ll be winter in a few weeks, and along with it comes the snow storms, gloomy weather, and shoveling and more shoveling. Don’t let it get you down as there’s also hot chocolate with those tiny marshmallows, cuddling in front of an open fire, hearthswarming, gifts, snowponies, snow angels, and the fun snowball fights! Keep smiling folks :)

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Comments ( 5 )

Winter soon...

It snowed a week before Halloween in Minnesota! :rainbowlaugh:


Winter Now sounds like Apocalypse Now and no way am I posting Winter Came ü

This was Halloween in Minnesota in 1991!


37 inches of snow fell on Halloween day!

Winter came...hard! Hahah

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