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Here goes my shot at National Pony Writing Month · 1:58am Nov 3rd, 2015

As much as I think I'm doomed with the attempt, I'm going to try doing Equestria Daily's National Pony Writing Month this year, although with a lower goal than recommended. If I hit my goal, I'll be happy. If I reach 50k, I'll be amazed. If I double my goal… my wife will take away my computer, most likely.

Here's what I'm sending in to Equestria Daily:

Georg, 30k words, Buggy and the Beast, The Traveling Tutor and the Royal Exam, Letters From a Little Princess Monster, Flim, Flam and the Lost Apple Scam, Seven Brides for Seven Changelings, Twinkle Twinkle, Speaker to Dragons, Child of Nightmares and Everfree

Yeah, Georg has a little problem with staying on one subject. Or even five.

Here's how it breaks down in wordcount of projects already in progress. Some of the documents have gotten too large to easily edit with Google Docs, so I've spawned off a second document, or even a third. I'm going to be focusing on Royal Exam, because I'd like to get that done so I can start publishing chapters this month. Buggy is probably halfway done, Letters really needs one more chapter for the arc to be over, and the rest are all at the starting gate. Anything a thousand words or less is at the doodling stage where at any moment, lightning could strike. Or even static would do. The wordcount is a little exaggerated, because my documents look much like my car, with all kinds of stuff in all of the corners and really needing to be tidied up, but additional words should all/mostly be story.

Project Progress as of November 1, 2015
Wordcount - Title
34,200 - Buggy and the Beast
4,255 - Child of Nightmares and Everfree
49,500 - The Traveling Tutor and the Royal Exam (current document)
964 - Flim, Flam, and the Lost Apple Scam
40,560 - Letters From a Little Princess Monster (current document)
1,000 - Seven Brides for Seven Changelings
200 - Twinkle Twinkle, Speaker to Dragons
2,700 - The Stormwarden of Versillia (Not in NaPoWriMo)

Total - 133,000 (approx.)

I'll try to keep the blog post updated every week instead of sending out new blog postings. After all, you guys have stories to read, and I need to get writing.

See ya.

November 8, 2015

3,000 - Writeoff story (approx)
51,500 - Tutor
4,400 - Twinkle

2200+2000+3000=7,200 in seven days

Same: Stormwarden, Child, Flim, Letters

Nov. 15

still 3,000 writeoff
57,462 for Tutor
43,159 for Beast

Nov 22
+4,700 writeoff (now that I can tell what the wordcount is)
47,500 Beast - +1,300
68,400 Tutor +19,000
2,900 Seven Brides +1,900
5,200 Twinkle Twinkle +5,000

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lol, good luck with this. I myself am doin a full NoNo this year. Got off on a good start yesterday, too.

Good luck! I can't commit to something like NaPoWriMo, not when I'm on the cusp of one of the biggest hassles of adult life: moving :ajsleepy:


'hugs you because he knows exactly how it feels right now* :applecry:

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