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I'm a quick reader, on a quest to read ALL of fimfiction. Current read word count - 40 million.

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  • 74 weeks
    Why We Fight

    Why do I write?
    Why do I write what I chose to write?

    I've been asked this question a few times, and I think I should put to paper the answer to it.

    So, why do I write?

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    1 comments · 136 views
  • 107 weeks
    The mastery of any art begins with the art of... imitation

    So, I've recently read Peter Watts's anthology and it was _great_. And after reading it, I wrote an excerpt wherein I tried to imitate his style.
    Unfortunately, it neither fits in my current fic (almost done, I swear!) nor does it make any sense out of context.

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  • 158 weeks
    My Little Xenophilia.

    I am finishing my fic.
    It just clicked one day (and I think I barely wrote a hundred words on said day), that this is it. The final stretch.

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  • 164 weeks
    Editing! Reviewing! Excitement?

    Went over all my fics with a slightly better of understanding of English style and punctuation (thanks to Strunk and White, as well as Grammarly chrome add-in) and fixed a bunch of errors.
    Hopefully, now native English speakers will be able to read the "Dazzling Illusions" without bleeding from their eyes.

    4 comments · 251 views
  • 172 weeks
    A very random thought I got while messing with python

    Sunset Shimmer's magical journal is not themost convenient method of communication, at least by modern standards: It is bulky, it does not have a "mute" setting, it has no spellcheck and, quite importantly, it is finite.
    But where magic fails, technology comes to the rescue.

    So, new and improved journal:

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    2 comments · 199 views

Hellsing MLP-style · 12:02pm Nov 2nd, 2015

I just thought of a re-imagining of Hellsing where Human!Celestia instead of Integra, Nightmare Moon as Alucard and Dark Rarity and Flutterbat as her apprentice vampires, with others of Mane Six as Hellsing operatives (Twilight as a senior science officer and Applejack and Dash as field commandos).
I think something pretty cool can come out of that, but it would be way more Hellsing than MLP.

On the other hand "Mane Six as strike team of some fictional militaristic bureau" is a really obvious adaptation, what with MLP borrowing heavily from anime magical girl genre. Still, I think interactions between Celestia, Luna/Nightmare Moon alucardian hybrid and Flutterbat and Dark Rarity have some potential for gore, clop and just generally interesting take on the characters.

Report ChudoJogurt · 113 views · #crossovers!
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