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UniqueSKD Posters Will Soon Be Go! · 1:46am Nov 2nd, 2015

Hello, everypony. Hope you all had a great Halloween. Hope you got plenty of candy and scared plenty of folk.

So this week, I'm going to start setting up the orders for those posters I spoke of in a previous blog. I'll be ordering ten copies of the three designs I've chosen to sell. I'm sticking to my promise of free overseas shipping, so those of you interested in buying a poster will only have to pay the price of the poster and I'll cover the shipping. I'm gonna go with the price tag of £5.00 per poster. I don't know how much £5 is in American currency, so all of you over the really big pond will have to do the maths yourselves there, but I doubt it'd be any more expensive in conversion.

So once I get the posters in, I'll work on setting up my Ebay shop properly. I'm going to set up a proper shop, and with my name on it so I'll be easier to find. Then I'll say a quiet prayer to the Lord in heaven that this idea works and anyone who buys my posters will be satisfied with what they're getting. I'm not a professional artist, but I think I'm decent enough to rightfully be confident in my work.

Fingers and hooves crossed, people. I'm feeling really excited for this!

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5 pounds is equivalent to $7.71

Also, speaking of Halloween, I ate a bunch of cold medicine yesterday (because I have a cold) and I was tripping balls. I mean holy shit I'm never taking mucinex again.

3514637 $7.71 doesn't sound too much American-wise then. But then I am British so it just doesn't sound a lot to me.

If need be I'll always just lower the price down to £4.00. I think that would make it near to $5 something then, right?

And whoa dude, you tripping balls? I never took you to be the type of guy to do that, Rusty. XD

Are you okay now? You feeling better now?

3514654 It wasn't purposeful, but I'm never taking mucinex again. I was on the lawn challenging people to play rock paper scissors, and warning them I'm a master.

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