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Dash Attack

Aspiring film editor. When I write I shoot for awesome and nothing less. Anti-censorship and pro free-speech.

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  • 104 weeks
    Inspiration has hit! Teaser for a new project

    Those who lose their humanity shall be slay by their comrades.

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  • 212 weeks
    Would you like to see more BE characters in the story.

    Been having righter block. Wanted to keep the focus on Rin but am now considering more characters.

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  • 212 weeks
    Stand For Our Flag

    Regardless of your views on President Trump, he is absolutely right on this issue. National Sports should be about unity, and disrespecting the flag only divides us and insults our men/women in uniforms. You can protest racial injustice without lumping the flag into it or politicizing a sport.

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  • 214 weeks

    I stopped watching the show around the time I went dark two years ago? I am two seasons behind but I assume nobodies house has blown up or grown wings. I do know via spoilers that the leadership and make up of the changelings has shifted. To make sure my story is up to date, I will try to catch up so I don't end up confusing anyone. Or perhaps to make things easier, we can say that this fic takes

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  • 214 weeks
    Chapters 2 : 850+ words so far.

    I am tackling this mother fucker! Hope you all enjoyed chapter 1. More is coming. Also please let me know if you want other BE characters from the manga to make appearances, I only kept it to 2 so the story would be focused on Rins journey back 🏡!

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Tis November · 3:08pm Nov 1st, 2015

I have curried my vamporism, but now I must go on a voyage to be free of religious persecution and eat turkey. I am now Pilgrim Dash Attack.

I will miss the Vampony avatar :(

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween. Hope it wasn't 2Spooky. :ajsmug:

If anyone has any questions about how I'm doing or what my current plans are, feel free to ask.

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Will you continue with the writing of The New Boss?

3532838 Maybe someday. Was planning on doing a crossover with Shad Jacks Candace story. I'd have to refresh my memory of both Five Score and New Boss for continuity purposes. I lost interest with it, but that doesn't mean I can't get back into New Boss at some point.

If you enjoyed the New Boss, I recommend giving My Mortal Big Brother a read.

3532995 Sounds great. Thank you for your time.

3532998 No problem. Thank you for reading New Boss. :applejackunsure:

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