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The Scare Master (Spoilers) · 5:09pm Oct 31st, 2015

I loved that episode! I did watch it 6 weeks ago and I re-watched it today. It was very funny and cute. And the return of Flutterbat is always welcomed, even if in a costume:yay: The scene that made me really lol was when Rarity slapped Fluttershy with her costume's tail :rainbowlaugh: The lesson of the episode was great and pretty mature: Just because everyone likes something, doesn't mean you must like it, too.

Over all, a great way to celebrate Halloween! 10/10
By the way, Season 5 is in no doubt the best Season, IMO :yay:

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I can only agree. The episode was so cute and funny. And Fluttershy was so creative and adorable. Her first attempt to be scary was hilerious, but the second one really was cool. And the pun on Stare Master. Priceless.


And the pun on Stare Master. Priceless.

You're Godamn right! When I first read the title of this episode on the leaked list of episodes on EQD, I was like :pinkiegasp:

Yup. Hahahaha.

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