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Update 10/29/2015 · 6:45pm Oct 29th, 2015

Alright, I've been quiet for a while now and I'd like to take this time to keep everyone up to date. As many have noticed, I've yet to fully make up on my promise of keeping focus from the polling a few months back. Let me reassure you all that I will be following up on it, it's just taking more time than I thought.

I've been having a fair amount of motivation problems, but I'm fighting through them the best I can. Right now I am trying to work on the next chapter of Doctor Whooves and Assistants: Gravity Chronicles as well as doing some editing and extending of the first chapter to hopefully make it flow a little better and get rid of that rushed feeling some readers, including myself, have felt while reading it. After that, I hope to get back to the Chaotic Harmony trilogy and get the next chapter out for Living My Life with Ponis?! and the Personal Memoirs of Princess Pixel Berry.

I know a lot of fans are still waiting for the next chapter of Where do the Nothings Go? and I'll be honest here in saying I haven't done much with it. In part due to my co-writer, shagohad12, being without a proper computer until recently as well as my lack of interest for awhile. But don't ever believe that i will cancel it. I refuse to ever cancel my work, but that means there may come some lapses in updates due to a new interest taking hold.

The Ultimate Enemy and You, Me, Ponies, and Pokémon are also on my plate, with Pokémon taking a lot of my attention lately, as some readers have seen. Both of those stories' next chapters are in progress and will come soon enough. As for everything else, well, it's still taking some time.

Now for the part I wanted to get to. I am proud to announce that, despite my current workload, I have three new projects in the works! Three stories that I hope to thrill and amaze you all. The first is the long awaited third, and final, installment of the Gravity Trilogy. That's right, I've been thinking on this for a while now and, with all the work I've been putting into crossovers, I feel it would feel right to have both Gravity 2 and 3 going at the same time. Since not everyone likes Doctor Who, hopefully this next one will give you your proper filling of Kat in all her glory. So, be on the look for Gravity 3: Revenge of the Gravity Queen very soon.

The second project is a big one I've been working on a for a good amount of time now. Many have noticed I've gotten myself into being a pretty good Whovian and I'm bring in my own original Time Lord. Some of you Displaced fans might have seen her and her companion popping up in certain stories and I'm very happy to say her story is going to be released soon. In fact, I plan on having it as a Happy Halloween treat for you all! So, look out this Halloween night for Guardian Who.

Now, I can't say too much on this third story as I'm keeping it on the down low for now, but I'm hoping to make it my best story yet! This one I'm going to be taking my time on and will only release it once it's fully complete. How long that'll take, I have no idea. What I can tell you about it is this will be my first non-human story and there will be no real crossover elements within. It will be an amazing tribute to My Little Pony as a series and everything that makes our favorite show so great.

In summation, please be patient with me and I'll deliver some great stuff soon. Until then, stay Brony my friends!

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WOO! Chaotic Harmony Trilogy is amazing.

Hahaha, he emerges once again. Damn, Deej, if yer not careful ya might start turning into me with the large quiet periods ended by stupid big updates. :derpytongue2:

Please do two chapters for living my life with ponies, or else, I'll send my double to smash you!
Oh yeah, me smash big time.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:
Hold on now ILL borne, we should give him at lest a week before you go over, ok.:ajbemused:
he huffs and looks away. only a week, and than I'm smashing his head in.gets up and grabs giant mallet and go's to smash some cars
well, see you soon,:trollestia:
Sir Well borne

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