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RWBY time, dood! · 4:45am Oct 29th, 2015

I'm struggling to get back on the saddle, dood. So I'm gonna ask YOU guys to help me out with my RWBY bullshit. It saw a few revisions and a few people have been adding grammical input and as nice and awesome as that is... I would like input on the story itself beyond my misspelling or using something in the wrong way, dood.

I've done three chapters, by the way, dood.

While I'm fishing for comments, I'll be continuing my work on House Sparkle and the last chapter of the ascension BS(the Elements thing), dood.

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Comments ( 8 )

I like the story, but I'm wondering if your planning for Ruby to take more control of the situation as more girls target her like you did with Twilight in Misadventures or if your going to take a different approach to it.

3504935 That's gonna be more dependent on the girl, dood. As you could have read, Blake will probably take more of the leading role in sex with Ruby, as butchered as her character might appear to be. While someone like Pyhrra is a bit more subdued and will require Ruby to be more forward in the lovemaking, dood.

While it will look SO MUCH like Twilight's Misadventures, I'm probably gonna limit the number of girls that wants Ruby to just her team, with the occasional fling.

hears an idea for you Ruby get's grabbed after a class by Velvet and Coco for some upper class sexy times. Pyrrha gets involved somehow and Ruby get's her choice in girl but her first time is a 4 some. Velvet is in her first week of heat for this and get's knocked up after a condom breaks. the next week Blake will start her heat. just a suggestion use it or don't:trollestia:

3506984 Nice idea... but I don't want to go overboard just yet, dood. Also... I'm not that big of a fan of Y impregnates X, I only really added it to Misadventures because people wanted Twilight to knock her friends up super badly and I decided to roll with it.

Also, while I am probably going to hang on to this idea. I'm more looking for comments about the story itself, not just ideas for future content to this story, dood. But I do appreciate the show of interest, that's a big part of what really matters to this.

it's all good i'm liking the story so far i think the yang being possessive of ruby feels like she is a remake of barb only she's the older sister and i did't get that feel from the show on her "just saying" however Blake is don beautifully. Nora felt like you were using Pinkie for her personality she's not that random i don't think. as for the rest of it the pacing is good and most everybody else seems okay to me.

3509780 You know what... I think you're right. The strange thing is... I toned Yang down already and to hear that she's still Barb-like possessive is something I'll need to change and while I did try to keep Nora tame compared to Pinkie, I'm a little surprised that she's still Pinkie-esque, dood.

Thank you for letting me know, I'll see what I can do to change it, dood.

I'm enjoying the story so far, as pointed out, Yang is a little possessive but then again, this is Ruby with a dick and they've been fucking for a couple years, being possessive, maybe jealous even if only a little, would kinda be expected despite Yang knowing they're sisters and not going for full sex, I think she'd be worried about losing that bond with her little sis, especially now that so many know her secret. Personally I think you've hit the other three almost spot on, and that's good, it's rather impossible to keep it the same when you're introducing futa and sex to this world, especially with Fauna heat and with how close the team is. I'm kinda half expecting Weiss to eventually just go "Oh for God's sake, if it's such a big deal, just prove it to me." Once Ruby has been with Blake, and maybe half of the school.

Signed, Eva

3530245 Thanks, dood! The first comment about Yang being weird caused me to look over her lines and actions and made changes to the best of my ability.

I'm not good at puns so Yang has very few of those due to that, dood. Hopefully I'll be able to do some more when ever I get the chance, dood.

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