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The horror is coming back, and it's bringing some new toys with it... · 6:14pm Oct 27th, 2015

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I aint about that life yo.


3501112 And guess what I have just found out?

A) Plushtrap is a character in this one. I cannot confirm his role yet, but screenshot claim he is 'your friend'. Make of that what you will.

B) Foxy...has a golden counterpart. You see that part where the woman was near yellow curtains? THAT is where the new Foxy will be.

So far, other small info I've gleamed for you FNAF fans is that possibly, only Springtrap might move about, but Fredbear will sprint VERY QUICKLY towards the player under certain conditions. Trust me, I watched another trailer with Fredbear in it, and it legit scared the crap out of me how fast he'll move. Basically, if Fredbear comes for you, you're dead.

Oh, and there's rumor apparently that the Purple Man MIGHT be revealed here. And there's rumor that the Purple Man even has a name. If you want to be spoiled, hover over the black bar. It's actually Scott Cawthon

Of course, it's rumor. It's not confirmed and it's a fan game so it doesn't officially tie in with the real FNAF series, but you never know...

3501449 Of coarse! We just have to wait and see!

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