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Ytak reads. A lot. Probably spends too much time reading. Or that sentence blasphemous?

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    RL oddities and musings

    My last grandparent passed not too long ago. My grandma was 99 years and a handful of days old. Is it odd that I find it easier to write that here, when I've never met any of you and only know of you through the written word, and not post it to my friends and family on the book face?

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    The doctor is in.
    In case the below image doesn't work.

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    I changed my user name from ReaderRyn to Ytak.
    Been debating it awhile but it "Ytak" is my oldest handle and the same one I like to use on the other fanfic sites I haunt. It just feels right to use it here, too. :)

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    After three weeks of visiting family, only grandma and I are in the house. Finally. Maybe now I can catch up on the backlog of stories.

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Fusion idea · 12:21am Oct 27th, 2015

Through my purchases of MLP pony merchandise, I have acquired one of the trading cards from the trading card game. The back caught my attention lately for it reminds me of a set of rather well known (understatement) game: The Legend of Zelda. The gems on the back remind me of some of the things that "Link," aka the player, must collect over the course of different games (varies from game to game). I'm sure there is a way of fusing TLoZ and MLP:FiM and a way to do it well. I'm mean, the first two episodes of MLP:FiM is practically what Link has done, I'm sure it could be expanded to fuse the two.

One of these days, I am going to have to spit out a bunch of 1000 word fics of my ideas with the offer of letting other people pick them up because I may not have a desire to continue them but I wouldn't mind getting them started. :twilightsmile:

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Go for it! Once you start writing, it's hard to stop... :pinkiecrazy:

I have written fan fiction before but I fell out of it a couple of years ago. I must have written it fairly regularly for 8 years. I'm not sure what happened. I wouldn't mind writing more but starting in a new fandom is hard for me. Some fandoms are more open or antagonistic than others and I'm not entirely sure my writing style would always be welcome here. It is something I'll have to think about a while. :rainbowwild:

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