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Middle aged trans women who got into the show through her kids.

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  • 1 week

    Hey everyone, so I'm getting ready to do an Avengers fan fic (alternative ending for Endgame). I want to post it to fanfiction.net but I'm not sure how. So I'm reaching out to you guys and gals for advice and help.

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  • 5 weeks
    Owl House Meets Equestria Girls

    I found this on YouTube and thought you might like. https://youtu.be/zYr9k7xlCzo

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    An Almost Different Ending

    As I was nearing the end ofVeil I was a little concerned that it might be a little too dark. So I gave some thought to doing an upbeat epilog to it. Just so it wouldn't leave such a bitter after taste. I eventually scrapped the idea when I could not come up with a satisfactory one that did not, in turn, cheapen the overall story.

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    Correct Order

    Hi all. So in case anyone was wondering (which I doubt but I'm bored so efe it), the correct viewing/reading order for the Goddess Saga, it is as follows:

    Equestria Girls 1 (and I guess by extension everything that aired before it in the main series).

    Rainbow Rocks

    Even Mountains Erode Over Time
    Dreaming of the Other Dimension
    Welcome to My World
    Freedom for Fluttershy

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    So How's Your Quarantine

    Hey everyone. It's been awhile. I just thought I'd pop in and say hey and that I hope you're all doing well 💗. Things are going well for me. I have a decent job, I'm an essential worker so I'm still working. So all's well here.

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Why I Love Sunset Shimmer · 11:03pm Oct 26th, 2015

As you've noticed I've taken Sunset Shimmer as my avatar. Over the three films she has become my favorite character. What I like about her, or should I say relate to her about, is her redemption story. At my age, by both accident and poor decision, I've made a lot of mistakes and hurt a lot of people. So seeing someone come from a place do low to ascend so high is an inspiration. Yes, I know it's just a cartoon and my life is pretty much set barring any major life events. But thst is what art and fantasy is for; to allow you to dream beyond the reality of your own life. So viva la Sunset!

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Comments ( 2 )

I'm with you. I love Sunset too

Exactly - could not have said it better myself. :eeyup:

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