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Just a bunch of story ideas that I'm planning to write in the future · 8:52pm Oct 26th, 2015

1- To Reassemble A Broken Heart 2: Fall of the Mirror Kingdom.
This is my top priority for now. I'm thinking of all possible ways to improve the ideas that I already have for that fic. I can tell you that it's gonna feel like an anime show, a little like DBZ to be certain, but without the fillers, hopefully :rainbowlaugh:

2- A fic about Twilight finding an abandoned foal in front of her castle and taking care of him/her, and slowly developing a strong motherly bond with him/her. (Not a Past Sins rip-off!)
That...I had this idea a long time ago, but never had the chance to execute it. I feel like I can do something good with this one. I must write it one day.

3- A fic about Spoiled Rich abusing Diamond Tiara (Too original, I know :twilightblush: Just bare with me a little). DT loses conscious and her mother thinks she's dead and throws her body in the forest, only to be found by Fluttershy, who saves her.

What do you think of that one?

4- Kingscolt (Yes, it's a Kingsman pun). It's a story about Fleur Dis Lee and Fancy Pants being secret agents, with a few other characters. When the Mane 6 are kidnapped by a mysterious villain, Celestia tasks the Kingscolt to find out who the villain is and save the Mane 6. Fleur will have to team up with Bon Bon (Secret Agent Sweetie Drops) and a good Changeling (Guess where did that guy come from?!) in order to accomplish the mission.

That's all the ideas I can think off right now. If I have more than 3 other ideas later, I may post them in another blog post :twilightblush: Please, don't take any of these ideas. I don't want to donate them yet.

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#2: Past Sins and many, many other fan fictions have done this before. I don't doubt you could pull it off since I don't know the details of what you have planned for this, but I can see everyone reading the synopsis and downvoting.

#3: I wouldn't recommend painting Spoiled Rich as abusive, she really just falls into the toxic parent category. I like the idea of DT finding a new mother figure in Fluttershy, but she doesn't need to be dumped into the woods for this to happen. Her mother has essentially already abandoned her in spirit, so she could just meet Fluttershy in an ordinary fashion.

4: I've never seen Kingsman, so I shouldn't comment on this one. :twilightblush:

3498612 You haven't watched Kingsman yet?! O-O Go watch it NOW!
Just kidding! It was an awesome movie and I enjoyed it so much.

What's the problem with #2 exactly?

3498612 I've just read the synopsis of Past Sins...nah. I don't wanna read it, because I'm not always into Alt Universe, and the idea of Past Sins is a little too much different from my idea. My story will be a lot calmer, more like a Slice of Life, and the filly/colt is not an Alicorn or even a hybrid. But there will be some special things about him/her.

3498636 I never stated that I had a problem with idea no.2, I'm just saying that "Twilight takes in a foster child" is not a new idea to the brony community, and half of the stories about that topic are downvoted to death simply because it's been done many times. That does not mean that you shouldn't try to put your own twist on the trope and make something nice out of it. ^^

3498646 So, you still haven't watched Kingsman, huh?
Been done too much? How come I have never come across any one of those fics?! My Goddamn luck! :facehoof: I must find a way to add my twist, of course, but I say again, my story won't be even dark, won't even include Nightmare Moon, and it won't be even adventure. It will focus more on the relationship between Twilight and the foal. But the instant-downvote thing always worries me. Maybe I won't write that fic after all...

About #3, DT is not meant to find a new mother figure in Shy. Fluttershy will just heal her, and when DT wakes up, Flutters asks her what happens, but she refuses to talk, when Flutters tells DT that she will go to her parents in the morning, DT panics and just tells her to not do so. Later in the story, all of the Mane 6 must find a way to prove that Spoiled Rich is guilty, while Spoiled tries her best to end the only true evidence against her: her daughter who's refusing to show up.
That's what I have planned for #3 so far. I got this idea while reading this story.

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