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Drake's Reviews #4 · 5:01pm Oct 25th, 2015

From now on my reviews will just be focused on what I've read lately, sadly I've little time or interest in multi-part fics on my read later list. That said, let's look at today's works.

Diamond Tiara Runs For President of Equestria by Carts Before Horses

A short but enjoyable little one-shot that does the now-common joke of Diamond Tiara being Donald Trump. In that regard, pretty amusing. The ending alone is worth reading for, and it's a short fic so why not?

Recommendation: It isn't laugh-out-loud hilarious, aside from the ending, but it'll have you chuckling for a couple minutes.

Flutterbat vs. Timberjack by fluttershysone

A formatting warning; the author makes the questionable decision to not intend dialogue or thoughts. I've no idea why. Anyway, with a title like that, the story demands a click, doesn't it? Vampires vs Werewolves in pony, why did it take so long after Flutterbat for someone to do this? Well, unfortunately, the clickbait title does not deliver. Technically, there's the mentioned odd formating, a lot of telly-talk, some tense shifts, and so forth. Creatively, the story isn't very engaging. There's a lot of talking heads, not much description to events, some odd prose choices.

I'm not sure if the story wants to be dark and serious, or light and silly, or even a dark comedy. As it stands now, it's none of the above. It just... is. I only read the first chapter, skimmed the second, and found it very difficult to be invested enough to keep going.

Recommendation: The premise is deeply promising. The execution is deeply lacking.

How Sunset Rose by Oroboro

This story offers a take on how Sunset got her cutie mark and became Celestia's student, which I won't spoil. Otherwise the fic is pretty straightforward with its execution. Nothing really standout, but nothing really bad. I enjoyed it enough, but I dunno if it's something I'll remember beyond its take on Sunset's cutie mark.

Recommendation: Fairly short and to the point, and worth reading for a cool headcanon on Sunset's past.

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