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"You know, in a fictional world containing talking animals, where friendship is literally magic, it would be safe to assume that anything is possible." -me

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Fourth time's the charm · 1:21am Oct 25th, 2015

So, after a lot of time thinking and planning, there is just too much to edit and rewrite in History's Leftover to try and salvage it for a fourth time. (For those who don't remember or weren't around to read the drafts, the first two rewrites were titled "Ballad of Stormy Sparks" and "Pinkie's Pet".) What's left will be removed and added to my personal archive as I rarely ever throw away my works of art.

Now, before I get started on trying to write my next idea, can someone tell me if there already is a story on this site that involves a griffin and a spider (specifically a venomous albino tarantula)?
I absolutely NEED to know if my idea is original or if I'm somehow subconsciously lamp shading someone else's work.

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