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OC Hunger Games: Season One Winners/Season Two Official Players Roster/Starting Date · 11:43pm Oct 24th, 2015

We made it.

Tis the winner's cerimony of the first ever, OCHG tournament! I can not be any happier than I am now to reveal the winner of the Games. Before we announce who the winner is, let's do a short recap.

Near the final rounds, five contestants remained. JumpingShinyFrogs, ObsidianPony, Smaug the Golden, Nocturnis Nemesis, and Orion. Each writer had to write a short story that depicted their character dancing to the style of their choice. In the end, Nocturnis and Orion were beat out, leaving Frogs, Obsidian, and Smaug in the final three. They were then to assigned to attend a 'Conference' with GOB himself. However in the end, Obsidian was unable to complete the interview and had to back out, establishing his/her place in the 3rd rank. A link to Obsidian's page is now available on my homepage. Leaving Frogs and Smaug to battle for second and third place. But, who won both the battle and the war? Let's find out.

Smaug's Entry ---> Agalia Vs. Silver Barrel

Frog's Entry ---> Candle Light Vs. Sea Foam

Who is the winner? Who won first place between the two? Smaug the Golden, or JumpingShinyFrogs!? Let's find out...!

After these messages.

And we're back! We will now reveal the winner of the first ever, OCHG Tournament! Cue the dramatic music Aaron!

Nice bro...

Who will win!?


Smaug the Golden.

There can be only one, and that one is...










Frogs, awesome job on winning the tournament. I hope you're feeling pretty awesome right now because you deserve it! We'll discuss your story and art prize over a PM. Be sure to send me one soon.

As of Smaug, great job to you too buddy, you made it to second place. Silver, which is technically better than gold, but it's somehow a rank lower. But nonetheless, you made it, and have received a mention on my homepage, and a free art request of your OC. We'll discuss further details over PM. Be sure to send me one soon.

Okay, now we got that out of the way, let's move on!

Season two baby, let's go! But first, we'll need some time to set some stuff up. We can't just dive into this biz. So, when will it all begin? How's Hallows Eve sound? That's right, on Halloween, the OCHG tournament will begin... With a Sp00ky challenge to kick it all off! Now that we have a set date and all that good stuff, let me introduce the official roster!


*Thunderbolt Sentinel
*Starsabre Jr Nocturnis
*Morning Rain
*Bolt Striker
*Bleu Celeste
*First Spark
*Chocolate Charm
*Mercennarius Veterani
*Selune Darkeye
*Crystal Night
*Lucky Stars
*Kaiber Crystal
*Shadow Aura

Sixteen Eh? Well, I'll need some help won't I? Maybe a second judge? Ladies and Germs, let me introduce your second judge, and second placer...


We're still settling things, but as of now, what she'll be doing is helping me determine a champion for each challenge. So, for those who have an OC listed, expect a PM with extra details. Thank you to everybody who entered the first OCHG Tournament. It couldn't have been pulled off without y'all.

With that, see ya all soon, and I hope you guys will stay tuned for Season 2!

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Comments ( 5 )

Congrats to JSF, and good luck to all the contestants next round. :rainbowdetermined2:

Good luck to all partaking in the next round.

two judges how is that gonna work

Selune and Coalstone, eh? Can't say I haven't seen you two around before... actually, if I had said that, that would be a complete lie. Y'all are EVERYWHERE. So, do I look forward to this?


May the odds be ever in your favor, everypony...

I'll be honest, this came along a lot quicker than I had imagined... Now this, may be a problem... I'll try my best regardless, of course. Anyways, looking forward to see how it goes. Until next time,

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