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At the End Commentary: Chapter 6 · 9:08pm Aug 10th, 2012

This entry contains spoilers for its corresponding chapter of At the End. Be warned...

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Well, this was a short break in between chapters. Three days? I spoil you.

Well, the truth was a matter of timing is all. I released chapter 5 on the 4th, but it was completed in full on the 29th of the month previous. I can, generally, (Don't quote me on that), get a chapter done in a week's time. After that, it's all up to the editors to do their job. But just like me when I'm away from fimfiction, my editors have lives of their own. I, unfortunately, needed a new set of editors to keep the chapters moving. After they were done with 5, 6 was immediately on its heels.

While that was occurring, I had discovered the song Bad Apple and, after listening to it for about 5 hours on loop, nearly completed chapter 6 in a single day. Sweet Celestia, that was painful. Actually, chapter 6 was meant to be twice as long as it is, but I split it up because, honestly, no one needs to see a wall of text in every chapter. In addition to making it easier to read, having Chapter 7 nearly ready would make a good buffer to work on future chapters.

This chapter helped me discover a fatal flaw in my writing: my OC's are stronger (as characters) than the rest of the cast. The first draft had Celestia in and out of the hospital in a snap. When I skimmed through what I wrote afterwards, I saw that such a scene, one that helps drive the plot mind you, barely had a passing mention. I am weak at writing character growth, and that was something that needed, and still needs, to be fixed. If you see me slipping in this matter, please point it out.

Now this chapter was meant to slow events down some. But at the same time, the Canterlot Royalty aren't going to sit by and let the Crafter run amok. I was uncertain whether Celestia would show up on Ponyville's doorstep with Luna already there and a military garrison hot on her heels, but a hell mouth opening a stone's throw away from the capital city would raise some eyebrows in the real world so why not Equestria? Celestia's destination was set.

Otherwise, this chapter was mostly filler for the more revealing chapter 7's release. What little secrets will the gateway reveal?

And where's Zecora?

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Comments ( 5 )

Still a good chapter. Unfortunately, I'm the other way around as far as updating speed goes.

Thanks for the compliment. I have nearly all of the fic's major plot points scripted, but, of course, the devil is in the details. I can write about 5,000 words a week, with the proper mood music and brand of cocaine, but I'm curious how Short skirts and Explosions can write words like a Gatling gun. Does the guy have five arms or something?

280796 Lol at the music+coke.

I dunno, I was guessing more about ten or twelve. :rainbowlaugh:

Maybe he has two guys typing on the same keyboard?

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