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“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.” George Bernard Shaw

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    Stunning Pone Art and Updates

    I was browsing DeviantArt as I do from time-to-time, when I came across some of the most fantastic art I've ever seen. This is something to be viewed on a big screen with high contrast and definition!

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  • 7 weeks

    Happy New Year!

    I couldn't channel Pinkie much last night; I've been sick the last few days. :yay: Starting things off great. :unsuresweetie:

    It's still mind-blowing that the 2010s was the decade of ponies. And a good decade it was... Let's keep it going, and keep admiring these colorful pones.

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    Happy Holidays!

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    Winter Pones

    Winter is upon us of the northern hemisphere. It's dark, it's cold, and here it's raining. And raining... oh and it's raining.

    I hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. I'm trying.

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  • 11 weeks
    Vanhoover Pony Expo

    I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. Mine was pretty good; I baked, ate too much, and saw some old friends.

    But enough of that. Let's talk pones. More specifically, pone conventions... is anyone going to be attending the Vanhoover Pony Expo?
    I'm thinking of attending... :unsuresweetie:

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When Pinkies Run In Numbers... · 8:28am Oct 24th, 2015

I found this awesome pony Tear for Fears cover and thought I'd share.

Her voice is really pretty.

Report Twi-Fi · 207 views · #Pinkie Pie
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Comments ( 9 )

I was kind of wondering why you were talking about "Mad Mares" in the blog title. Ember's voice really is lovely.

Speaking of the season, have you heard this one?

[youtube=https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qtFhyFNaQmw] Argh stupid YouTube mobile.

It makes me smile even more because those two are going to be at EFNW this coming year.

Oh, yes, I love this! I have had it downloaded for forever and a day. :twistnerd:

3493023 By some crazy miracle I will find a way to EFNW! Michelle and BlackGryph0n kick ass.

3493212 Wow I just downloaded it about a year ago, you are the true fan.

3493750 Yay! Yeah I can't wait to see them perform... if they are... I would imagine they would. EFNW wouldn't make such a big deal about the both of them if they weren't going to get on stage and sing... right?

3493834 Trolls. All of them.

3494284 I was a troll once! I had a great spot under a bridge where I specialized the theft of small billy goats gruff. Delicious succulent billy goats gruff.

My computer where I first downloaded it is timestamped as March 17, 2013. :twistnerd:

3495098 Well that was an anticlimactic forever.

It's in my nature to disappoint. :twistnerd:

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