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Did Turing get a part-time job? · 2:59am Oct 24th, 2015

Well, this is weird.

Comic on Channelate by Ryan Hudson. Beep.

Anyway, "The Iron Horse" will update Sunday. And you just might get another chapter hot on its heels! :raritywink:

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I would love to see something like this. Like Turings attempt at babysitting to understand children.

I wish I could like blogposts :) This is hilarious.

Anyway, "The Iron Horse" will update Sunday.


I get the feeling that Turing would do a better job than that nanny-bot... (Actually, beyond Isaac Asimov's "Robbie", there is an story about an robot designed to take care of children called "PAPPI", in the "Foundation's Friends" anthology)

Why I got this image of Turing getting a part-time job? :rainbowlaugh:

Waiting for the next chapter of The Iron Horse!

I would volunteer to be made a child again to let Turing babysit me.^^

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