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    Bit Of A Ramble

    Probably not a surprise given the title but as you can guess I've been hitting a bunch of road blocks lately. This blog post might be a bit of a ramble or vent, so bare with me here.

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  • 82 weeks

    Howdy! Been awhile since I updated A New Start among other stories, don't worry I'm still working out the drafts for everything on a few stories. Things have just been a bit hectic lately. Hope you all are staying safe, taking care of yourselves and loved ones and making sure to be wary of being in densely populated areas- virus may be everywhere on the news and people may be panicking a

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    Interlude I (Repost)

    I accidentally deleted Interlude I (which goes after Chapter 3) of the story, so I apologize for that. Was deleting a draft, ended up hitting the wrong one and didn't realize it.

    Those of you already caught up probs just ignore this. Those that aren't may want to look at this ahead of time.

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    Im hoping this helps somehow

    Even if it aint much I thought I'd get the word out. holy needs help and if anyone knows a way to get in contact with the police,their location, and name to be able to do something please do it as immediately

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  • 109 weeks
    It has begun

    Answer Me is out.

    Initially debated on writing it as a one-shot but I felt that would be too long to do and difficult given my cell situation. So, I'm breaking it up into chapters. No idea how many, no idea how quick I'll update, but keep your eyes peeled. There's a lot to unpack.

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Assistance · 9:15pm Oct 23rd, 2015

Alright so this week I almost didn't make these two updates, and honestly it's starting to get a bit tougher keeping up, and tiring to make sure I haven't made any major spelling mistakes, what with the fact I've now got three stories I'll be trying to update weekly if and when I can make it possible. So here's my suggestion. For anyone that reads my stories and likes them, feel free to keep reading.

At this point I'm offering anyone willing and has read my stories, with enough time (weekends preferred) to become an editor for any one of the stories that aren't complete. I'll be free most of this weekend so feel free to just message me and I'll try to reply as quickly as I can. Though I have a friend that helps me with my main story Existential Secrets, we're both pretty busy and my pals got his stuff he needs to do so he won't be able to check out things for me on a weekly basis. So once again this is anybody's chance to claim an editor spot for any of my three stories which I'll now list just so no one gets confused for future one's I'll be making.

1.Existential Secrets (1 position open)
2.Insurmountable (kind of have a writer's block for this one so opinions, commentary this is all welcomed!)
3. Tick-Tock The Bet is Up (2 positions open)

These three up there are free till I say otherwise, till then I hope you guys enjoy the upcoming chapters. I may try to get another chapter for the crossover out this week since I've got free time, so we'll see how that turns out. Thanks for reading, Hailstorm~ Out.

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