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Birthday (Rating: Teen) · 1:18am Oct 23rd, 2015

Happy Birthday to me.

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Happy birthday!!

Pinkie!! Get the cake! And get the whole entire town as well!!
*Pinkie*:pinkiehappy: Sure thing, Unable! Mrs. Cake! We need huge birthday cake for this lucky mare here! And bake it fast!
Twilight! Start organizing the party!
*Twilight*:twilightsmile: Already on it!
Good! Rarity, collect all the presents for this mare!
*Rarity* :raritywink: Sure thing, darling! Alright everypony, bring your presents to this lucky mare's birthday party!!

Author Interviewer

yay, happy birthday! :D

Happy Birthday!:pinkiehappy:

Happy Birthsgiving

:pinkiegasp: Well, Happy Birthday and best wishes! Hope you have an awesome day and tell us all about it:ajsmug:!:pinkiehappy:

Happy Birthswa! :yay:

Happy birthday ^u^

Happy belated birthday bro. <3

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