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Sensation - New Side Story Out Now!!! · 9:02pm Oct 22nd, 2015


There's a new 'Sensation' side story out today, brought to you by our good friend InGlobWeTrust!

Vivid Syntax found the story that every author dreams about. A story that will make him famous. A story that will change his life.

The story of ex-Wonderbolt Soarin Windsong, and his broken life.

Follow Syn’s quest and what led to the opening lines of Sensation.

A fan-made prequel of Sensation, originally written by Vivid Syntax. Edited by Bad_Seed_72. Cover art by BGN.

I'll let IGWT talk more about it if he'd like, but suffice to say that I love this story and it absolutely made my day. :heart: I freaked out a ton when I read it, and I hope that you enjoy it, too!

Please give it a read, and be sure to let him know what you think! And if you want to write a side story for 'Sensation' sometime, I'd love to talk to you about it. :pinkiehappy:

I'm off to frolic at Nightmare Nights. Follow my shenanigans on Twitter @VividSyntax if you'd like to see what I'm up to. Until next time, peace!


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I'm adding it to my read later list. Might be a bit before I get to it though.

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