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SITREP #00003 · 10:06pm Oct 21st, 2015

Lexus made a hoverboard. Problem is it can only follow a set course of magnetic rails in the ground. Hoverboards are expensive as fuck. Magnetic rail is expensive as fuck. We have our cake, but we can't eat it.

Happy Back to the Future day.

Chapter progress is slow, but i'm getting there bit by bit, not sure how much I like how it's turning out. Life has just been generally meh the past few weeks, I probably need to go do something exciting and wonder, like get laid go hiking or have a roadtrip or something. Arkansas, where I live, has some beautiful places for hiking and camping less than thirty minutes out by vehicle.

I'm still playing MGS:TPP, and it's hurting my soul. The game is still great, but it's probably gotten the most emotional response out of me any game has for a few years now, considering I just had to end the suffering of several Mother Base soldiers, and Quiet walked out on the Diamond Dogs. Yeah, I was pretty cut up actually.

I guess that's all I have for this post. I <3 Diamond Dogs.

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